Archaeologist Claims to Have Found King David’s Palace

Post Author: Bill Pratt

We have featured the findings of archaeologist Eilat Mazar in previous blog posts (here and here).  She has been digging in Jerusalem since 2005 and continues to make amazing discoveries.  Her claims, however, are not universally accepted by other archaeologists.  In a recent article in Biblical Archaeological Review, she lays out the evidence for her claim that she has dug up parts of King David’s Palace.

In Mazar’s words:

The Biblical narrative, I submit, better explains the archaeology we have uncovered than any other hypothesis that has been put forward. Indeed, the archaeological remains square perfectly with the Biblical description that tells us David went down from there to the citadel. So you decide whether or not we have found King David’s palace.

Please read the full article to see if you are convinced.  Mazar has already said that she has found portions of Nehemiah’s Wall and a city wall built by King Solomon.  Her findings are truly extraordinary, if proven true.