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Jesus at Radio City Music Hall?

| December 24, 2012

Post Author: Bill Pratt Several years ago my family attended the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan.  It was one of the most phenomenal shows I have ever seen, and for one surprising reason.  It was full of worship.  Yes, that’s right.  In the middle of New York City at Radio City […]

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

| April 21, 2011

Post Author: Bill Pratt We celebrate Easter because it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Christians believe that Jesus was killed by crucifixion on a Friday and then actually came back to life on the following Sunday. Some may ask, “So what?”  Why is it important that Jesus rose from the dead? There are many answers […]

An Illustration of the Incarnation from the Movie Avatar

| September 8, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt Although I have written negatively of the overall theme and message of Avatar, there is an interesting analogy of the Incarnation of Christ that can be taken from the film.  I heard this analogy in a podcast by William Lane Craig, and I think it may help some people understand this […]

Why Did Jesus Allow Lazarus to Die?

| January 27, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt One of the most common complaints against God is that he allows evil to occur in the world.  Christians respond that God has good purposes for allowing evil, but can we back this up with Scripture? Actually, there are many good examples from Scripture, but one of the best is the […]

Why Don’t We See Miracles Today? – #5 Post of 2009

| December 24, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt Many people wonder why we don’t see miracles such as the parting of the sea, the raising of the dead, and people walking on water.  It seems like miracles were pretty common in the Old and New Testaments, but today nothing like that seems to happen.  Why? First of all, I […]

Did Jesus Want Us to Think?

| November 9, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt According to Martin Lloyd-Jones, the answer is “yes.”  Below is a quote from Lloyd-Jones where he is commenting on Matt. 6:30, from the Sermon on the Mount.  He argues that Jesus’ words indicate that he expected his listeners to be actively using their minds to make logical deductions from the evidence […]

Can All Religions Be True?

| September 22, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt If you actually know anything substantive about major world religions, you know the answer to this question is an emphatic “no.” The only people claiming that all religions are the same or that all religions are equally true are those people who know little to nothing about world religions, or who […]

Is Extraordinary Evidence Needed to Prove the Resurrection?

| September 8, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt I sometimes hear skeptics say that they need extraordinary evidence to believe that Jesus rose from the dead.  The reason they need extraordinary evidence, they claim, is that the resurrection is an extraordinary claim. It is true that the resurrection is an extraordinary claim, but there are many extraordinary claims made […]

If Only I Could See a Miracle, I Would Believe

| June 14, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt  If you are a person who says this about Christianity, excuse me for being skeptical. God performed miracles through Moses, and yet Pharaoh did not believe. God performed miracles through Elijah, and yet Jezebel did not believe. Jesus performed numerous miracles that confirmed his power over sickness, weather, and even death.  […]

Is the God of Christianity the Same as the God of Islam?

| June 11, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt  Imagine the following scenario: two people claim to know the same professional football player.  The football player’s name is Alex and he plays in the NFL.  The first person who knows Alex the football player describes him this way: He is 6′ 6″ tall, he weighs 305 lbs., he plays left […]

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