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How Do We Find God’s Will?

| September 7, 2012

Post Author: Bill Pratt One of the most insightful books I’ve ever read is Garry Friesen’s Decision Making and the Will of God.  Friesen tackles an important practical need that every Christian has.  When I am making an important decision, how do I find God’s will in the matter? Friesen documents and builds his case […]

Can We Judge God’s Intentions When People Suffer?

| October 7, 2011

Post Author: Bill Pratt Bad things happen to people all the time.  They happen to you and to me, in places nearby and in places far away.  Sometimes when we see a person or persons suffering, and we don’t like their worldview, their moral beliefs, or lifestyle, we Christians do something that we need to […]

Does God Have a Perfect Will And A Permissive Will?

| July 25, 2011

Post Author:  Darrell Over the past few years, I have heard several Christians I know utter statements such as, “I need to find out what job God wills for me to have.” or  “I’m praying to find out who God wills for me to marry.”  These statements are from people who believe that God has […]

Can We Mess Up God’s Plans?

| May 9, 2011

Post Author: Bill Pratt Hardly, yet many Christians seem to forget this fact.  God gives us the privilege of participating in the cosmic drama that is unfolding under his direction, but his script leaves nothing to chance.  We don’t need to fret over whether His plans will succeed; we already know the end of the […]

Is God Hiding His Will?

| March 8, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt Many Christians seem to think so.  Why else would they talk about finding God’s will as if it’s a game of hide-and-seek.  We’re told to listen to the still, small voice and to test a possible decision based on the peace we feel.  We’re told to pay attention to the hints […]

How Should We Determine God’s Will for Our Lives?

| February 5, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt As Christians we all agree that we want to follow God’s will for our lives, but there are two general approaches to following God’s will that I’ve seen in evangelicalism. The first approach operates under the premise that God has a specific will for each and every one of our actions […]

What is God's Will for You?

| August 30, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt Ronnie Jones, a commenter on our blog, recently sent me some insight from John MacArthur about discovering God’s will for our lives.  It is simple and right to the point of the matter.  You may not agree with his view, but you have to deal with it, because MacArthur is a […]

Did God Tell You?

| August 9, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt I was once having an impassioned discussion with a fellow Christian about the curriculum of the upcoming discipleship classes to be held at our church.  This Christian brother wanted to focus the curriculum on the subject of prayer, while I was adamant that we should teach a class on the attributes […]

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