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Did God Change His Mind Because of Moses’ Intercession?

| January 14, 2015

In verses 11-14 of Exodus 32, Moses seems to present an argument to God which changes God’s mind. Verse 14 says, “Then the Lord relented and did not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened.” Is God actually changing his mind, the way human beings do, because Moses presented information to God which […]

How Should We Enjoy God? Part 2

| January 9, 2015

From part 1, we saw that we can enjoy God through the gifts he gives us. Randy Alcorn, in his book Heaven, explains how these gifts are secondary, or derivative ways of enjoying God. All secondary joys are derivative in nature. They cannot be separated from God. Flowers are beautiful for one reason—God is beautiful. Rainbows […]

How Should We Enjoy God? Part 1

| January 7, 2015

The standard answer to this question, from many Christians, is that we enjoy God through prayer, worship, and Bible study. And, those things are definitely important ways to enjoy God. But there is more. God has given mankind numerous gifts, through his creation (the physical universe and everything in it), that we are meant to […]

How Do Theology and Philosophy Interact?

| September 1, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  In my opinion, the greatest Christian thinker of all time, after the apostles died, was Thomas Aquinas. Etienne Gilson, in his work The Christian Philosophy Of St Thomas Aquinas, takes on the task of defining what distinguished theology from philosophy for Aquinas. This issue comes up again and again when I hear […]

Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart Against His Will?

| July 7, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  In verse 21 of Exodus 4, God tells Moses, “When you return to Egypt, see that you perform before Pharaoh all the wonders I have given you the power to do. But I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go.” This raises the question: how […]

Is Your Church Open-Minded?

| June 30, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  Recently my wife and I were in Charleston, SC on a weekend getaway. If you’ve never been to Charleston, it is famous for its horse-drawn carriage rides around the historic downtown area of the city. We took one of these carriage rides and had a great time listening to our guide […]

Who Made God? (Again)

| May 21, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  If God created everything, then who created God? The Christian answer to this question is that nobody created God because He is the one self-existent, uncaused, uncreated, eternal Being. Only things that come into existence need a cause, but God never came into existence. He has always existed and will always […]

How Does Job Slam the “Prosperity Gospel?”

| January 27, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  I cringe when I hear preachers or evangelists promise their followers that if they will believe in Jesus, their lives will be blessed with material wealth and prosperity. I have decided that the only way the “prosperity gospel” can flourish is if absolutely nobody in those churches where it is preached […]

How Does John Calvin Explain the Virtuous Non-Christian?

| January 6, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  John Calvin and his theological offspring are famous for the doctrine of total depravity. What does this doctrine mean? Theologian R. C. Sproul, himself a Calvinist, describes total depravity as follows in his Essential Truths of the Christian Faith: The Bible teaches the total depravity of the human race. Total depravity […]

#2 Post of 2013 – If God Cannot Change, Then Why Should We Pray?

| December 27, 2013

Post Author: Bill Pratt The Bible teaches, and theology argues, that God cannot change. This is called divine immutability. But if God cannot change, then why do we pray to him? After all, when we pray, aren’t we trying to change God’s mind? Norm Geisler answers this question in his Systematic Theology, Volume Two: God, Creation. […]

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