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Is God a Creator or Just an Organizer?

| August 4, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  In Christian theology, God created everything that exists out of nothing (ex nihilo), simply by speaking the universe into existence. When we turn to Mormon theology, we find a very different concept of creation. Mormons deny that God created the universe ex nihilo. What do they believe? According to the editors […]

Time, The Succession of Moments, and An Actual Infinite

| March 26, 2010

Post Author:  Darrell I recently did a couple of posts regarding the incoherence of an actual infinite and how, as a result, the eternality of matter as taught in Mormonism is impossible.  These posts can be found here and here. I want to address another way of analyzing the concept of “eternal matter” as taught in the Mormon […]

Is An Actual Infinite Coherent? Part 2

| February 10, 2010

Post Author:  Darrell In my last post I discussed how an actual infinite number of things is incoherent.  How does this apply to the universe, time, and Mormonism? The Mormon Church denies creation ex nihilo, choosing instead to teach creation ex materia, the position that God organized the universe from pre-existing matter.  In fact, Mormonism takes this position even […]

Is An Actual Infinite Coherent? Part 1

| February 8, 2010

Post Author:  Darrell In short, no.   The story of Hilbert’s Hotel helps to demonstrate this fact.  It goes like this…  Let’s say we have a hotel that has an infinite number of rooms and an infinite number of guests; as a result, the hotel is full.  If a prospective guest walks in and asks for a room, can he check in?  […]

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