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Why Monogamy?

| September 29, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt My friend, Wes, has again recommended to me a great book which I just finished. The book is called Marriage and Civilization: How Monogamy Made Us Human and is written by William Tucker. Here is Tucker explaining what he is going to tackle in the book: The premise from which we will work […]

What Are the Best Arguments for Traditional Marriage? #8 Post of 2012

| December 14, 2012

Post Author: Bill Pratt The citizens of North Carolina voted Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 61% to 39% in favor of adding an amendment to the state constitution that re-affirms the traditional view of marriage between one man and one woman.  Even though this was an overwhelming victory, it still saddens me that so many people […]

What Are the Benefits of Traditional Marriage?

| November 7, 2012

Post Author: Bill Pratt I think that the benefits of traditional marriage are taken for granted among a large portion of the population.  Whenever there is talk of changing the definition of marriage, we must revisit why we have the current definition.  And we must also ask if the current version of marriage is serving […]

Why Should You Vote “For” the NC Marriage Protection Amendment?

| May 7, 2012

Post Author: Bill Pratt Tomorrow is a big day in North Carolina because we are casting votes on whether a marriage protection amendment should be added to the state constitution, something that a large number of other states have already done.  I have written on marriage and gay marriage in the past, and you can […]

Have You Signed the Manhattan Declaration Yet?

| October 19, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt Almost one year ago, I wrote a short blog post asking our readers to sign a document called the Manhattan Declaration.  Why am I back again asking you to sign?  Because we need more of you to participate. So far, the declaration has gathered 476,000 signatures – impressive, but not enough.  […]

A Valentine's Day Post

| February 14, 2010

Post Author: Jennifer Pratt On Valentine’s Day, it seems fitting for me (Jennifer) to write about how to have a secure and successful marriage.  Billy and I have been married for 15 years (we have been a couple for almost 20 years).  I can honestly say that each year gets better!  When I think back […]

Why Should the State Endorse Gay Marriage?

| August 19, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt I wrote a post recently about why the state endorses and promotes marriage between a man and a woman.  Simply put, the state needs children and it needs children raised in the ideal environment for them to become productive adult citizens, which is a family headed by a man and a […]

Why Do Civilizations Care about Marriage?

| August 17, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt The ultimate reason that virtually every civilization since the dawn of man has recognized and promoted marriage between a man and a woman is because this is the one natural union that produces children.  Yes, marriage is about procreation and every civilization needs to produce children to survive and thrive.  Without […]

What is the Problem with Gay Marriage?

| August 6, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt Well, there are many, but Wintery Knight points us to an excellent article written by Robert George that explains some of the issues quite well.  George rightly asserts that we must, as a society, agree on what marriage is before we start re-defining it.  And, it is up to the people […]

How Do I Stay Married?

| June 25, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt  This topic is a bit off the main theme of this blog, but this is an extremely important topic that all Christians must deal with. My wife and I have been married 18 years, which isn’t any kind of world record, but is somewhat impressive, given the ongoing high divorce rate […]

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