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Are You Arguing Badly?

| October 8, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt Have you ever been arguing (holding a rational discourse where you are giving evidence to support your position) with someone and realized that they are not arguing against your position at all?  Instead, they are arguing against a distorted or false version of your position.  As I’ve discussed the beliefs of […]

How Brittle Are Your Christian Beliefs?

| April 8, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt Agnostic New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman wrote in his book, Misquoting Jesus, that his Christian beliefs began to fall apart when he realized that there was a mistake, an error, in the Gospel of Mark.  Now, I think that the alleged mistake is not a mistake, but let’s assume for a […]

Is the Doctrine of Inerrancy an Essential Doctrine of Christianity?

| January 5, 2009

I recently posted on the essential doctrines of Christianity, and I left out a doctrine that probably surprised many traditional Christians: inerrancy.  The reason I left this doctrine out is because I was defining an essential doctrine as one that must be true for salvation.  A person does not have to believe that the Bible […]

Why Do We Think the Bible is the Word of God?

| December 11, 2008

Below is an excerpt from Norm Geisler’s Systematic Theology Volume 1 (P. 495):   That the Bible is the Word of God can be discerned from several biblical affirmations: (1)     that it is God-breathed; (2)     that it is a prophetic writing; (3)     that it has divine authority; (4)     that it is what God says; (5)     that it is called “the […]

What is Inerrancy?

| December 9, 2008

Many people misunderstand the doctrine of inerrancy, so I thought I would try to clear up some of the confusion. The doctrine of inerrancy teaches that whatever the Bible affirms to be true, is true.  Put another way, nothing that the Bible affirms is false.  Inerrancy basically means “without error.”  If the Bible teaches that […]

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