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#1 Post of 2015 – Is Heaven an Immaterial Realm?

| December 30, 2015

Not the eternal Heaven (New Earth) that all believers will occupy when they are resurrected. The eternal Heaven (New Earth) will be a physical world with material objects, not some ghostly place where we float on spiritual “clouds.” Randy Alcorn sets us straight about the eternal Heaven in his book called Heaven. Alcorn laments: Many […]

#2 Post of 2015 – Will We Have Desires in Heaven?

| December 28, 2015

Buddhism teaches that the human problem is that we have desires. All desires are bad and Buddhist “heaven” consists of a state where we stop desiring anything. This understanding of the human condition is completely at odds with Christianity. Christianity teaches that there are good desires and bad desires. Our problem is the bad desires. […]

#4 Post of 2015 – What Will Worship Be Like in Heaven?

| December 23, 2015

Many a pastor and worship leader has told their congregations that they if don’t like singing and worship in church services now, they won’t enjoy Heaven, because that’s all we’ll do in Heaven. Is that literally true? Is that all we’ll do? Randy Alcorn tackles this question in his book Heaven. Let’s see what he […]

#6 Post of 2015 – Will Everyone Be Equal in Heaven?

| December 18, 2015

We live in an age and place (21st century western civilization) where equality is near the top of the list of principles that we hold dear. Because equality is so important to us, many of us just assume that equality must be equally important to God. If it’s important to God, then surely Heaven is […]

Why Does God Not Give Justice to the Wicked?

| June 19, 2015

Some wicked people do receive justice while they live. Think of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, as recent examples. They both were forced into hiding and died violent deaths. However, Job is correct that many sinful people seem to live a perfectly comfortable life and die peacefully. If you are an atheist, the fact […]

Will Extinct Animals Live on the New Earth?

| April 13, 2015

Now this is an interesting question. Randy Alcorn says “yes” in his book Heaven, and here is how he explains his answer: I think it’s a question based on a rational conclusion. Were dinosaurs part of God’s original creation of a perfect animal world? Certainly. Will the restoration of Earth and the redemption of God’s […]

Will We Lose Our Identity in Heaven?

| March 27, 2015

Is Heaven some kind of dystopia where everyone drones on and on about how they love God? A place where everyone talks, thinks, and acts the same? Is Heaven full of Stepford Wives? Randy Alcorn, in his book Heaven, answers with a resounding “no.” Alcorn first reminds us that [w]e can all be like Jesus […]

Will We Lose Our Identities in Heaven?

| February 23, 2015

No, but this seems to concern some believers. Author Randy Alcorn, in his book Heaven, deals with this question. A man wrote me expressing his fear of losing his identity in Heaven: “Will being like Jesus mean the obliteration of self?” He was afraid that we’d all be alike, that he and his treasured friends […]

Will Human Culture Disappear in Heaven?

| February 2, 2015

Some Christians are under the impression that in Heaven everything will revert back to a primitive paradise, like what Adam and Eve experienced. They reason that the achievements of mankind are worthless, and in most cases, an affront to God’s plan. Did God plan, though, for Adam and Eve, and all mankind, to remain in […]

Will Worship Be Boring in Heaven?

| January 19, 2015

If you really believe that worship could be boring in Heaven, you have no idea of who God is. Randy Alcorn slams this point home in his book Heaven. Some subjects become less interesting over time. Others become more fascinating. Nothing is more fascinating than God. The deeper we probe into his being, the more […]

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