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Who Is Responsible for the Division of Israel?

| March 9, 2016

In 1 Kings 12, Rehoboam foolishly decides to threaten the northern tribes rather than agree to lighten their tax burden. This leads to the division of united Israel into the northern kingdom, called Israel, and the southern kingdom, called Judah. In verse 24, the prophet Shemaiah tells Rehoboam that the division of the kingdom is […]

Has Neuroscience Proven There Is No Free Will?

| May 8, 2015

These days you may indeed be told that experiments conducted by neuroscientists and psychologists have proven that free will is an illusion. I always snicker when someone tells me this because it means that they did not come to that conclusion freely, but were determined by their brain chemistry. But, leaving that aside, how should […]

How Did Evil Arise in a Good Universe?

| March 9, 2015

According to the Bible, an angel created by God (Satan or Lucifer) was the first creature to bring evil into the universe. But the question arises how this good creature, created by a good God, living in a good universe, could choose evil. God did not cause Satan to sin, so who caused Satan to […]

#9 Post of 2014 – Why Did God Create Adam and Eve if He Knew They Would Sin?

| December 12, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  Some people wonder why God created human beings if he knew we would reject him and bring sin into the world. The answer seems to be that God desired to have a relationship with creatures that would freely love him.  Only creatures with a moral conscience and an ability to freely […]

Will We Have Free Will in Heaven?

| December 1, 2014

We’re told in Scripture that in Heaven there will be no sin and no evil of any kind. This leads to the question of human free will, because Adam and Eve were free to choose between good and evil, and as humans alive on earth now, we also have the ability to choose between good […]

Is God Sovereign or Does Man Have Free Will?

| April 24, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt   Some Christians believe that God’s sovereignty over events on earth means that he ignores or overrides the free will of human beings. Other Christians believe that God only makes decisions after seeing what human beings will decide, and thus he is not really sovereign over everything. Under this second view, […]

Why Is Physicalism Self-Refuting? Part 2

| April 30, 2012

Post Author: Bill Pratt In part 1 of this series, we argued that physicalism and determinism are self-refuting because they undermine rationality.  At the end of part 1, we said that there are three conditions of rationality that physicalism does not allow, and Dr. Moreland explains them below: First, humans must have genuine intentionality; they must […]

Is Free Will Possible for the Physicalist?

| April 25, 2012

Post Author: Bill Pratt If you recall, at the end of the series comparing physicalism and dualism, I promised to look at additional problems for physicalism.  Before doing so, let me remind you what physicalists believe.  Here is philosopher J. P. Moreland: According to physicalism, a human being is merely a physical entity.  The only […]

Is the Human Mind Like Computer Software?

| July 20, 2011

Post Author: Bill Pratt The question of the origin of human rationality plagues the atheistic naturalist worldview – the worldview that says that all that exists ultimately is matter governed by the laws of physics.  If every event that has ever occurred and ever will occur is determined by physical laws, then how are humans […]

Why Does a Good Creature Choose Evil?

| July 19, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt Since the Fall, we know why people choose evil – we are all born with original sin that saturates our soul.  The Fall, however, does not explain why Adam and Eve, or even Satan, used their free will to choose evil, to reject God. This question may never be answered this […]

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