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Why Does God Not Give Justice to the Wicked?

| June 19, 2015

Some wicked people do receive justice while they live. Think of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, as recent examples. They both were forced into hiding and died violent deaths. However, Job is correct that many sinful people seem to live a perfectly comfortable life and die peacefully. If you are an atheist, the fact […]

Commentary on Job 21

| June 17, 2015

In the previous 20 chapters of the book of Job, Job’s three friends have argued that Job is being punished for sins he has committed. Their theology is simple: God always and immediately punishes the wicked and always and immediately blesses the righteous. In chapter 20, Zophar summarizes this theology: “Surely you know how it […]

Can There Be Good Without Evil?

| June 12, 2015

Many people seem to think that good and evil are equal and opposite, and that good cannot exist without evil. In the Bible, God is the Good and Satan always represents evil. Are God and Satan equals? The book of Job answers this question once and for all. God is clearly in command and Satan […]

Does God Have a Good Purpose for All Evil?

| April 8, 2015

Many Christians and non-Christians, alike, struggle with why God would allow so much seemingly senseless evil in the world. When a child is buried in the waters of a tsunami, how can there possibly be any good purpose for that? Can’t an all-powerful God do better? I used to ask these questions myself, but over […]

Will God Defeat Evil?

| April 1, 2015

Many skeptics make the following argument: 1. If God is all-good, He would defeat evil. 2. If God is all-powerful, He could defeat evil. 3. But evil is not defeated. 4. Therefore, no such God exists. Does this argument work? Not according to theologian Norman Geisler. In his book If God, Why Evil?: A New […]

How Did Evil Arise in a Good Universe?

| March 9, 2015

According to the Bible, an angel created by God (Satan or Lucifer) was the first creature to bring evil into the universe. But the question arises how this good creature, created by a good God, living in a good universe, could choose evil. God did not cause Satan to sin, so who caused Satan to […]

Is Satan Totally Evil?

| March 2, 2015

Many people mistakenly believe that while God is totally good, Satan, or the Devil, is totally evil. They are polar opposites of each other. This idea, however, is false. Satan, while being totally evil in a moral sense, is not totally evil in a metaphysical sense. Theologian Norm Geisler explains the distinction in his book […]

What Is the Pantheist Answer to Evil?

| February 18, 2015

The universal human experience of evil is a problem for all worldviews, not just Christianity. Philosopher Norm Geisler, in his book If God, Why Evil?: A New Way to Think About the Question, explains that there are three main views on evil that come from the “big three” worldviews of pantheism, atheism, theism. Pantheism affirms God […]

#9 Post of 2014 – Why Did God Create Adam and Eve if He Knew They Would Sin?

| December 12, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  Some people wonder why God created human beings if he knew we would reject him and bring sin into the world. The answer seems to be that God desired to have a relationship with creatures that would freely love him.  Only creatures with a moral conscience and an ability to freely […]

What Is Evil?

| December 8, 2014

We know that evil cannot exist without good. We know that evil is not the opposite of good, like yin and yang. But what exactly is evil? Philosopher David Oderberg answers this question in an article entitled “The Metaphysics of Privation.” Oderberg first explains that evil is the absence of good. But what is good? […]

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