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Did Saul Kill All of the Amalekites?

| September 4, 2015

In 1 Samuel 15:3, Samuel commands Saul, “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” As we read the rest of the chapter, Saul tells Samuel, after the battle, “I have […]

Don’t Judges 1:8 and 1:21 Contradict Each Other?

| July 24, 2015

Judges 1:8 says, “The men of Judah attacked Jerusalem also and took it. They put the city to the sword and set it on fire.” The surface implication is that the city of Jerusalem was completely destroyed and everyone inside of it killed. Just a few verses later, Judges 1:21 says, “The Benjamites, however, failed […]

Did Joshua Kill Innocent Canaanite Adults During the Conquest? Part 3

| July 20, 2015

Clay Jones, in this blog post, provides even more evidence that God, in the Old Testament, spares those who repent of their sin. Consider the story of Sodom and Gomorrah found in Genesis. Abraham asks God: Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? What if there are fifty righteous people in the city? […]

Did Joshua Kill Innocent Canaanite Adults During the Conquest? Part 2

| July 17, 2015

God spares those who are truly repentant, those who truly love Him. Paul Copan and Matthew Flannagan, in their book Did God Really Command Genocide?: Coming to Terms with the Justice of God, offer several examples of Canaanites who were spared and who became members of Israel. First, there is Rahab, the tavern-keeper in Jericho. Copan […]

Did Joshua Kill Innocent Canaanite Adults During the Conquest? Part 1

| July 15, 2015

Some critics of the Bible complain that Joshua must have killed numerous innocent Canaanite adults during the conquest recorded in Joshua 1-12. Because of this, what Joshua did was nothing more than genocide. But the biblical picture is painted quite differently, and if we are going to accuse Joshua of killing innocent Canaanites, shouldn’t we […]

Why Does God’s Character Matter When It Comes to Interpreting Difficult Passages?

| July 6, 2015

A couple of years ago I wrote a series of blog posts on why the God of the Old Testament is worthy of worship. We looked at His mercy, His love, and His truthfulness, along with several other attributes. At the time, I had several commenters tell me that considering all the attributes of God […]

Did God Bless Rahab for Lying?

| July 1, 2015

In Joshua chapter 2, Rahab lies to the king of Jericho by telling him the spies had already left the city and that the king’s men could track them down and capture them as they returned to the Jordan River. In reality, Rahab was hiding the spies on the roof of her house. The Bible […]

Why Did Moses Separate the Virgins and Non-Virgins of Midian?

| May 21, 2015

In Numbers 31:18, Moses commands the officers of the army to kill all the women who have had sex and only keep alive the girls who are virgins. What is going here? Why would Moses give this command? In order to understand this verse, we first have to understand the background. The Midianites, under the […]

Commentary on Numbers 25-31 (Vengeance on the Midianites)

| May 18, 2015

Following the prophecies of Balaam in chapters 22-24, the author of Numbers, in chapter 25, records the last rebellion against God before the Israelites enter the Promised Land. Verses 1-4 describe the catastrophe that occurred. The Israelite men are seduced by Moabite (and also Midianite, as we’ll learn later) women. These women, by the thousands, […]

Why Does God Order the Killing of Canaanite Livestock?

| May 4, 2015

During the conquest of Canaan, the Israelites were sometimes commanded to kill all the domesticated animals living among the Canaanites. Why would God command this? The simple answer is this: the Canaanites were having sexual relations with their animals. OK, I know this is totally disgusting to us moderns, but that is how it was […]

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