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How Do Palestinian Names Lend Credence to the Gospels?

| October 20, 2014

Are the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s life rooted in first century Palestine or are they legendary accounts written more than a hundred years later? What of the so-called apocryphal gospels (e.g., Gospels of Thomas, Mary, Judas) that also claim to be true accounts of Jesus’s life? A few biblical scholars claim that the apocryphal gospels deserve […]

What Did Ancient Israel’s Neighbors Think about the Origins of the World?

| August 29, 2014

Post Author: Bill Pratt  Ancient Israel was immersed in two dominant cultures, that of the Egyptians and that of the Mesopotamians. The Hebrew accounts of the origins of the universe stand in contrast to these ancient cultures, so it would be interesting to see a summary of what these other cultures believed. Jim Adams provides […]

Can Historians Use Anonymous Sources?

| July 11, 2012

Post Author: Bill Pratt A common complaint about the reliability of the letters and books contained in the New Testament is that we don’t know, for sure, who wrote all of these documents.  In particular, the four Gospels are singled out as being anonymous since there is nothing in the text of the four Gospels […]

Apostle Philip’s Tomb Found

| October 12, 2011

Post Author: Bill Pratt The Bible History Daily website announced in July 2011 that archaeologists had discovered the Apostle Philip’s tomb.  Here is an excerpt from the article: Italian archaeologists working at the site of Hierapolis in southwestern Turkey believe they have discovered the tomb of St. Philip, one of Jesus’ 12 apostles. According to […]

Who Is Portrayed in the Earliest Existing Biblical Painting?

| July 27, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt The earliest existing painting (seen above) portraying a biblical scene was found in a building called the House of the Physician in the ruins of the city of Pompeii, a city destroyed in AD 79 by Mount Vesuvius.  The painting is a striking rendition of the scene from 1 Kings 3 […]

Oldest Known Images of the Apostles Andrew and John Found

| June 29, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt Archaeologists reported on June 22, 2010 that they found images of the apostles Andrew and John that date to the 4th century.  Here is an excerpt from the article at The oldest known image of the apostles Andrew and John have been discovered in catacombs under the city of Rome, […]

Christians on Cyprus Strive to Keep Jesus’ Language Alive

| May 22, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt I ran across a fascinating article about a small group of Christians who have preserved the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke. Here is a an excerpt: The Aramaic language of the earliest Christians lives on in the church services of a tiny village on the Turkish Cypriot side of the Mediterranean […]

Archaeologist Claims to Have Found King David’s Palace

| May 18, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt We have featured the findings of archaeologist Eilat Mazar in previous blog posts (here and here).  She has been digging in Jerusalem since 2005 and continues to make amazing discoveries.  Her claims, however, are not universally accepted by other archaeologists.  In a recent article in Biblical Archaeological Review, she lays out […]

Archaeologist Claims to Find City Wall Built by King Solomon

| March 5, 2010

Post Author: Bill Pratt Eilat Mazar has potentially made another astounding discovery.  She has unearthed a section of an ancient city wall of Jerusalem which she believes dates from the tenth century B.C. and would have been built by King Solomon. According to Biblical Archaeology Review, “If Professor Mazar is correct about the dating, then […]

Nehemiah’s Wall: Found – #6 Post of 2009

| December 22, 2009

Post Author: Bill Pratt In the latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, Eilat Mazar reports that she has discovered a portion of Nehemiah’s Wall.  These are the walls that were described in the book of Nehemiah in chapters 3 and 4. The wall was discovered as Mazar continued excavations of King David’s Palace. If this […]

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