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About Bill Pratt

Why am I writing this blog?

I am passionate about  intellectually defending and explaining the Christian faith to all who will listen.  I especially like to tackle tough questions that many folks have, but are afraid to ask.  If you’ve ever wanted to dig into the Christian faith and seek answers that your friends, parents, or pastor can’t answer, then you’ve come to the right place.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I can help honest questioners with their search for honest answers.

It is my goal to provide a place where people can clear away any intellectual barriers to the Christian faith that are plaguing them.  I understand these barriers, as I have had many in my own life.  In clearing away those barriers, I hope to give people a clear view of Jesus Christ, the only One worth seeing.

What are my credentials?

I have been studying Christian apologetics (rational defense of the Christian faith), theology, and philosophy for 14 years.  I hold a Masters Degree in Christian Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary, which is one of the finest apologetics seminaries in the world.  I teach and speak about apologetics at my local church, Cornerstone Baptist Church, in Greensboro, NC. My wife and I have written a youth small group curriculum which marches through the Bible chronologically, hitting the highlights. This curriculum has been in use at Cornerstone for three years.

Personal Information

I have been married to my beautiful wife for 23 years and we have two children – a 20-year old son and a 17-year old daughter.  I am vice president of technology for a semiconductor start-up based in Greensboro, NC.







About Darrell

I was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) for a large portion of my adult life.  During my time in the Church, I held a Temple Recommend and served in a number of leadership positions, including the Elder’s Quorum Presidency, the Bishopric,  and the Stake High Council.  In 2001, I began studying the history of the LDS Church and became concerned with several issues I discovered.

Of primary concern was the fact that the Church’s version of history, as taught in LDS Chapels, did not match that found in independent firsthand accounts.  In short, it appeared to be “whitewashed”.    This discovery led me into several years of serious prayer and study, seeking the Lord’s guidance while comparing the teachings of the LDS Church with that of the Bible and the history of Christianity in general.  In the end, the Lord led me to the conclusion that the LDS Church is not, as Mormons call it, “true”.  Shortly after this time, He called me and my family to become Christian.

Over the last several years, I have developed a passion for Christian history and theology and the teachings of the ancient Eastern Orthodox Church in particular.  Because of my background, I have a heart for those who are misled and trapped by false doctrines and have a great desire for them to partake of the blessings that come from walking in a relationship with the Holy Trinity as taught by the Holy Apostles.

Personal Information

I have been married to my gorgeous wife for 18 years, and we have four beautiful children who keep us very busy.  I work as a Branch Manager for a small mortgage company in NC.  We attend Holy Cross Orthodox Church in High Point, NC, a mission Parish for the Orthodox Church in America.



  • Marsha Judy

    What a blessing to have Jennifer send me to your blog. I will follow it with both interest and desire to learn more.
    Billy, I am so proud of you – and no doubt, the Lord is as well.
    Darrell, I have prayed for you for a couple of years and am thrilled to see you as such a vibrant brother in the body of Christ.
    Give your sweet wives my love (a hug from me would also be nice).
    From Kiev…………In Him,

  • gloria

    Wondeful to meet other former LDS now in the body of Christ! Praise the Lord!! I was LDS for 19 yrs — deeply active and married in the LDS temple. The Lord ardently persued me and I became part of the body of Christ in Nov of 2007! My children as well have embraced the Lord Jesus and we are praying and anxious to have my husband join us as well. Please pray for him as he still is active LDS. ( his name is dru).
    God bless you in the work you do here,

  • Gloria,

    Thank you for you kind comments and it is great to hear about you as well! I will be certain to lift up your husband in prayer! God can do miracles… it took my wife 6 years to come out.


  • Pastor George Caleb Oguta

    Dear Bother Darell? for first, I am pator George Caleb Oguta
    I am a kanyan , who is sunday worshipper, I mean trinitarian, I have been looking how you give asnswer to many teachings and how you publish things, its really encouraging, please keep it up.
    Thank you so much to hear your religion background, it’s inspiring.
    Sorry to have ask this, are you a prophet, you have answer to many question.
    I would love to invite to to Kenya to come and help me in bible discussion
    God bless you

  • Hi Bill. I saw a link to this blog from my own. Looks like you and I both wrote about the Licona/Ehrman debate. I blog at http://www.deeperwaters.wordpress.com. Maybe I’ll hear from you one day.

  • Hello,

    My name is Roger Morris. I am a medical doctor and company director from Queensland, Australia. I have recently started a blog called ‘FaithInterface’, discussing the interface between Science, Philosophy & Christian Theology. I would love to do more study in the future, either the MA apologetics/philosophy through SES or the MA Science & Religion through Biola. You are welcome to view my blog and interact with it as you please. I think we will have much in common regarding our interests.


    Roger Morris.

  • Bill Pratt

    It’s great to hear from you. Your website looks very interesting and I certainly look forward to another strong defender of the faith joining our struggle! Please feel free to jump in any of our blog commenting threads and I will keep an eye out for your posts as well!

    God Bless you and your efforts,

  • (( Darrell))

    Wow! I just now realized I have fallen upon your blog prior to Jessica referrig me… cool…

    Your note gives me hope — 6 yrs! Wow that is a long time…. when you have a moment I would love to hear how things went during that time. Perhaps you have blogged here about it already, so I need to go and look thru the archives.

    God bless you brother for contending for the faith!


  • Gloria,

    Thanks for stopping by. It is always wonderful to meet others who have left the LDS Church and to share experiences. I will be in prayer for you and your husband. I know how hard it can be having religious differences in the home. Don’t lose faith though, God can do miracles.

    How did my six years go? I started doubting the LDS church while my wife was pregnant with our second child (2002). My wife did NOT take my questioning the church very well. It was very hard on the family and I doubted myself continually… wondering if it was just me… could the church really be “true” and I am just crazy. However, the more I read The Bible, prayed and researched the more I knew that it WASN’T just me. My wife knew where I stood and I continued attending the Mormon Church more or less to keep peace in the home. I tried talking to my wife about the problems with doctrine and history but all it did was cause us to fight. She wanted no part of it. I eventually became completely broken… my wife developed Breast Cancer while she was pregnant with our fourth child which only added to the stress of the situation. Finally, I made the decision to turn it ALL over to God. I prayed…

    “God, I believe in YOU. I believe in Jesus Christ and believe He is my Lord and Savior. I want Him in my life. If the LDS Church is TRUE, please keep me in it and take away my doubts. However, if it is NOT true I want my family and I out. I want to follow YOU!! Lord, this is going to have to be YOUR work though. I cannot do it on my own and don’t want to do it if it is the wrong thing. I am so afraid of making a mistake! Lord, I am going to stop trying to talk to my wife about it. I give it to you. If it is true, keep us in. If it is not, please take us out.”

    I can’t tell you how many times I had this conversation with God. But I continually gave it to Him. I quit pushing issues and tried my best to keep my mouth shut. I even held a minor calling at church as I was not sure what God wanted me to do… I was just trying to keep peace and I did not feel God telling me to push things. At times, I would feel the human nature in me creeping up and wanting to “handle it” or “point out the problems” but I would go for a jog or a walk and talk with God. It was pretty wild what happened over the next couple of years. God worked a miracle… plain and simple. He brought Christian women into my wife’s life WHO HAD NO IDEA that I had issues with the LDS Church. These were ladies who we did not even KNOW prior to all of this. I was still attending church with my wife and they ALL thought I was a True Blue Mormon. One of these ladies invited my wife to a Bible study and to my surprise, my wife agreed to go. We began to carpool for our kids school with another lady and she and my wife became close friends. They started hanging out together and having lengthy talks about God (she is a church planter and is heavily involved in ministry). My wife saw something in these wonderful ladies that was missing in the LDS Church. The Bible study turned her onto the Word of God and in just a few months she started having doubts about the LDS Church. The rest, quite honestly, is history. It was amazing!!

    Now we are out and could not be happier!! Our home life has taken a 180 degree turn… our children are happier (and they now enjoy church which is a huge change), our marriage is better, and we have the REAL Jesus in our lives. To make things even better my wife is in remission and our fourth child is now 3 and is as healthy as can be!! Praise God!!

    I look foward to talking with you more and to hearing more about your story!!

    I will visit your blog as well and check it out.

    God Bless!!


  • Oh, wow! Praise God for what He has done in your life and in the life of your wife!! Amazing…..I am so encouraged!
    Thank you so much for taking time to share with me, and for the testimony of God’s goodness and His redemptive work in the lives of His children! We truly serve an awesome God!
    I will email you and exchange contact info, as I would love to speak with your wife.

    God bless you both and those beautiful kids!


  • Dallas


    Thanks for your calm and straightforward answers. I stumbled on your page and read the whole front page. I especially enjoyed the LDS posts, and found the one called “Does God hate Esau?” really enlightening. God used your page to confirm some things to me, so thank you for putting it out there.

    Grace and Peace,


  • Hi I live In scandinavia and it is lot off Christians ,Jehovas whitnesis,musslims,buddhisists etc. here.but i think like a taiost.If yuo are a god christianfor,ex yuo have to believe that god are all mighty and Jesus for real existed and are the son off God right!?Also yuo then have to believe that is only throght Jesus yuo can come to Haeven because Jesus says so in the bible,right?How can a Christian believe that when there noProves that God exist and even less proves that Jesus existed for real?Isent it only in christiannity yuo can come to the Heaven thruoght Jesus?Why is Jesus better than ,for.ex Buddha,moses,muhammed or Lau tzu in this case?(If yuo believe that)I belive only in 60% off the bible ,what are yuo present then?More or less?I dont believe in old testamentets genesis for.ex.if they talk about intelligent design or Creation without energy from nothing etc.I dont believe in a God who cares or loves us etc. but I believe in higher and mightier forces than yuo and me ,and everlasting energy and natural laws etc. with are not created but exist for ever and so on.Also I believe that everything have one and only true and mighty suorce etc.What do yuo think abuot that? wonders Aki.T. The sun off cosmos. e-mail aki@aol.se

  • Bill Pratt

    Hi Aki,
    You’ve written so much that I don’t know where to start. Would you mind focusing on one topic that you would like to discuss?


  • Dallas,

    Thank you for your kind words about my posts on Mormonism. This is a dual blog and the credit for the “Does God Hate Esau” post goes to Billy.

    Have a great night!!


  • Cool site, love the info.

  • Work from home

    Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Finn

    I have read through a lot of this blog, and I have to say it is disconcerting that someone would invest so much time and energy antagonizing someone else’s beliefs. It’s just another example of someone leaving the LDS faith, but cannot leave it alone. After a relationship breaks up, it is best for both parties to go their separate ways. If one party feels wronged, they tend to linger and try to justify their position to anyone who will listen. It ends up looking petty and trivial from other’s perspectives. I wholeheartedly support the idea of “to each their own”, so if you chose to leave the LDS Church then that is your prerogative. However, to rip the Church apart as you have done in so many of your posts and then throw in a back handed and condescending “testimony” at the end is indulgent and puerile. I seriously hope you find it in you to move on from the LDS Church and approach Christianity in a healthier manner, because most of this blog is counter-productive. It would be great to see posts that inspire and uplift, instead of tear down. I know you both are capable because I have read some posts that are of value.

  • Thank you for sharing your perspective Finn. I am not sure how much you know about the LDS Church or what your current beliefs are, but allow me to explain where I am coming from.

    Having come out of the LDS Church to Christ, I believe the LDS Church is not of God. It teaches doctrines that, while appearing to be good, actually lead people away from God. In short, they are damning. As a result, it would actually be unloving of me not to tell people as much.

    As an example: Let’s say you had a friend who was taking drugs that you knew were killing him. Finn, would you tell him? Or, would you say, “To each his own. I will leave my friend alone and let him continue taking his drugs.”? While the latter might be the more “politically correct” thing to do given our current “tolerant” society, it would actually be the most unloving thing you could do. I think you will admit that if you truly loved your friend, you would be the first to tell him that he was killing himself and that he needed to get off the drugs. At first, your friend might not be terribly happy with you; however, once he got off the drugs and was able to see them for what they truly are, he would likely be incredibly grateful.

    That is how it is with me and the LDS Church. I have left it for God and, as a result, want to tell help those who are still trapped by its lies.

    God Bless!


  • Finn

    My standing with the Church might surprise you and I will leave it at that. I just think you should let it rest. The drug comment doesn’t fair well with me. I don’t think you can honestly (and I mean honestly what is in your heart) say that your 15 years in the Church were all lies. My time in the Church, although not always ideal, is hardly what you have described.

    You mention all your hang-ups with the Church, but fail to mention anything good you gleaned from it. To say that the doctrines (I assume collectively) are damning is absurd. The Church teaches that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Real damning. If that were the only true doctrine the Church teaches, that’s a pretty important one for our growth in this life. Anything but damning.

    There had to have been an offense within the Church for you to have so much hatred. You would probably say that is not true. It is easy enough to read between the lines, so no sense in explaining. I know a lot of people who have left the Church for whatever reason and have been able to do so without committing their life to tearing it down. I know this probably changes nothing in you, so I just had to share my thoughts and I am leaving now. I wish you a fulfilling life, and hope it treats you well.

  • Bill Pratt

    You have completely misread Darrell. He does not hate Mormons at all. He is still friends with many of those whom he knew in the Mormon church. His beef is with the false teachings of the church. He is trying to help, not hurt Mormons. He is a very pleasant person to be around, but he tells the truth as he sees it when confronting false teachings that threaten people’s souls. You can be a kind and compassionate person who tells the truth.

    It sounds to me like you don’t believe what a person thinks about God is important, that Darrell should just cease talking to Mormons about their beliefs and leave them alone. If you really believed that a person’s view of God could send them to hell, you would not be attacking Darrell for what he is doing. What do you expect him to do???

    God bless,

  • Finn,

    I agree with Bill. It sounds as if you hold that ones beliefs about God are not important. That is not the position that I hold nor is it the position The Bible teaches.

    You said:

    You mention all your hang-ups with the Church, but fail to mention anything good you gleaned from it. To say that the doctrines (I assume collectively) are damning is absurd. The Church teaches that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Real damning.

    The LDS Church teaches wonderful morals, yet so do Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims. However, that does not make their doctrinal teachings true. If it did, we would have to hold that contradictory teachings are true at one and the same time, which would violate the law of non-contradiction.

    My position is that the Mormon Church teaches a false Christ and, as a result, leads people away from God. For further info, see my post here.

    As for being offended by someone in the Church… no, that is not true. I left the church in good standing and am still friends with many members. My only issue is that the Church teaches false doctrine as truth.



  • Stephen Pugh

    I Bill,

    I will certainly be follwing your blog. God bless you.


  • Bill Pratt

    Excellent! Thanks for the support.

  • If I remember it right the Christian bible (but not coran etc)say that Jesus is the son off God and that Maria gave birth to Jesus as virgin WITHOUT sexual intercourse!? How can that be posible?The real ornest christian have to give a good explenation to this.Else I dont believe that Jesus existed att all as the son off God but as a person like yuo and me who was crusified etc, but not because off the reason in the christian bible,remember, coran (the muslims etc,)dont think Jesus was the son off God so “who”is right?

  • Dont some christians etc. sometimes mean that God are Allmighty and love us etc.?Then God have to be more mighty than simple energy or natural laws etc, right?Be the Suorce and presupposition etc. to more simple energy?Then explain how God does when God wipe out,eradicate and Exterpate ENERGY?If yuo cannot do that I can argu that Energy, natural laws the world, universe and cosmos etc. can exist WITHOUT GOD as a suorce and maintainer for ever and genesis are not true if it mean that God created the world and heaven etc. Also it is more easier to prove that energy exist(for ever)or that the world etc exist,but the existence off God are still nonproven right!?!So who need God then and why?(I dont)Then if there are a God”a allmighty heavenly fader”why does God allow some poeple sufferfor.ex in Earth guages and tzunamis etc?Let them die?Like god let Jesus die and suffer on the cross?Thats no action off love if yuore allmighty, thats murder and slaughter!Because thouse things happen, our suffering,earthquages,Jesus suffering etc. and because(yuo)god cannot wipe out more simple energy etc. the only excuse have to be in the long run that God dont exist!(The christian and abrahamic etc. God for.ex)Does anyone have better explenations?!?

  • I know I wrote a wholelot but yuo dont have to hurry with the answers I also understand if you dont want to or cannot answeer. Study the points, what am tryin to say etc. I hope i made my points clear, also remember I live in Sweden and that I dont use english in my every day life. Am a Finlander who moustly speak Swedish and Finnish.(Amen A.gigles)Am a ornest trueth seaker?What are yuo then?

  • Aki, I will answer you. I am now a pastor of a Christian church (see website) who did not believe in God or Jesus Christ until the age of 25, after receiving a fine private, secular education, and a college degree at University. I am a believer now because I am a honest truth seeker. I say this just so you know that I was like you.

    Jesus death on the cross was not torture, but a great act of love. Maybe there is someone in your life (child, spouse, friend) that you would die so they might live.

    The key truth of Christianity is that Jesus IS God incarnate – Fully God and fully man. The virgin birth was a miracle to bring God into this world, as fully a complete man. One definition of a miracle is the violation of natural scientific law. Man can’t violate the laws of science, but since God created this universe (and its laws) He can violate them at His choice. So we can’t ‘explain’ the Virgin Birth.

    The difference between Jesus and you and I is that he did not have a sin nature, meaning a desire to disobey the moral laws of God. All people have this desire, and act upon it to different degrees. Some are quite evil, but even the kindest person still has sinned.

    Sin separates us from God, and will be judged by God. Jesus said that His death on the cross would substitute for the judgement you and I deserve, by being judged for us (in our place). This is quite a claim of course, and to prove its truth, Jesus rose from the dead after the cross.

    Your questions above fail to mention both the issue of sin, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And yet, there is no such thing as Christianity, and no real message in the Bible if these two are left out.

    May God bless you in your search for the truth.

  • Itis something strange in yuor believe if yuo think a person (Jesus)etc. HAVE to suffer and die on the cross to liberate an other person(yuo and me etc)from sin?!How can a intellectual person believe such a thing aint it something wrong in beliving things like that?ONLY one person yuo and me no god or other person are in responsibily for our sins!If I sin do something wrong I dont blame yuo or an other person or God etc.So if yuo think Jesus did not suffer on the cross, why dont yuo try to replace him?If someone hit a nail trought yuo body ,do yuo say thank yuo to that person or yuo God?Remember if God are allmighty he but Jesus on the cross also Jesus ment that Pontuis pilatus was gods tool to put Jesus on the cross.Because Jesus sayd”Yuo have power over me only because God given yuo that power”.But I dont believe like yuo I believe that Jesus existed might,but as a rebell etc. not the son off god.It was rutin off the romans to put people on the cross,thouse they thought was rebells and criminals or did not like the roman occopation.Also yuo avoid the guestion off Jesus virginbirth,Natural biology explain that when Jesus are not the son off God but an ordinary humen been.Then yuo did not notice the argument if God exist and areall mighty why god cannot wipe out energy or natural laws?The only solution have to be God dont exist, are not powerfull enaught etc.Right?!Remember noone off us can prove the existence off God(If God exist or not)But I can prove existence out off existence ,like energy exist for ever and are noncreated, so one off the suorces to our existence are energy,natural laws cosmic and darwinian AUTOMATIC cyclic evolution ,right?How can it posibly be an other way?The Christian bible argu that God create or are the suorce off the World, But I argu that the World ,universe and cosmos can exist without a god, that are not strange to me at all, Yuo christian or abrahamic etc, god only so far exist to me inside the bible fairy tails, as fiction etc. If yuo dont think so , give only ONE prove that god exist outside the christian bible and try to avoid words like “miracles” and Creation in yuo God explenations.Also remember that the Coran say Jesus did not come back to go to heaven after the crusification it says that Jesus are somekind off prophet etc. but am not sure.Anyway the Jesus storys are not the same in the coran compered with the christian bible so who are right?But thats the problem off the muslims and christians not mine am either christian or Muslim.

  • Am imprest about the way the things was to yuo Before yuo was in the age off 25 then yuo were real wise it sounds to me,but after 25 when yuo became a “real” Christian thats verystrange to me,.In Sweden there are lot off Christian churges and belivers, also a nice pastor by the name ULF EKMAN yuo might can google his name, I think yuo got lot in common with him. He started a churge called livets ord in UPPSALA Sweden.I think he also visited Jerusalem and Nazareth etc. for real.He is also good in argumentation about jesus and Jesus rol in christiannity. But I dont agree with him in everything.The Livets ord (word off life)send me papers etc. to go to their school to study christiannity but i dont trust them 100%so I did not go. Better to study christiannity from a “safe” distance I think.(A.gigles)

  • Aki,

    I answered your earlier posts because you stated you were an honest seeker of truth. Apparently, you just were looking for an argument and you chose to insult me. Your questions were not an honest attempt to discover what and why Christians believe as they do.

    You are free to deny the Bible’s clear teachings, and substitute your own ideas about sin, justice, Jesus, and God. Mankind has invented their own ideas of God for millennia. Idolatry is as old as mankind. As I said, I was such a person for the first 25 years of my life.

    Your vain ideas will fail you when you appear before the Lord after you die.

    And of course, if you deny such a day will ever take place, then why would you waste time on blogs like this one, arguing with such a one as I. To declare oneself a logical, intelligent person, and to show such concerns is quite illogical.

    I know, I surely don’t have the time to waste.

    The last word is yours…should you desire it.

  • Hi Bill!

    Cool site. May I translate and blog some of your posts into portuguese?
    God bless!

  • Bill Pratt

    Sure, Darcy. That would be great! Thanks for your encouragement and may God also bless your ministry.

  • Aaron

    Thank you for the insightful comments.

  • Aaron

    I’m an Evangelical Christian who is attempting to erect a case for Christianity in my new blog. Make comments, if you wish, when you can. Thanks. http://realitygodjesus.wordpress.com/

  • Bill Pratt

    Thanks for the encouragement, Aaron. I pray that God blesses your efforts with your blog.

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  • Al Willson

    Hi Bill, just visited your website today. Thank you and God bless you for your ministry. We need you today more than ever in these last days! Keep up the great work!

  • Bill Pratt

    Thank you so much Al! That really means a lot to me. God bless you!

  • Lee Bowman

    Hi all! What caught my eye in your blog was coming across the Jan 7 post titled, “What Are They So Afraid Of?” Bill got right to the point in just a few sentences and nailed it; that critics of ID employ ‘dirty tricks’ more than reason and intelligent debate to weigh the evidence.

    While not clearly enumerated in the post, ID’sts are well aware of the tricks employed, such as hammering on dead issues like junk DNA, supposed vestigials, overstating extinctions, and of course ‘bad design’ arguments, some of which are refutable, but at least debatable.

    The most reviled tactics are things like tying ID’sts to flat-earth believers, conspiricists, and agenda based motive mongering, to name a few. They need to be addressed, however, since they continue to surface.

    The ‘afraid’ premise is evidenced by 1) the plethora of tactics, most without real substance, and by 2) the fact that the responses are so ongoing and virulent. If ID’sts were really just a bunch of illiterates (unschooled in science), antagonists (kill science), and fundies (motive driven), why not just leave them be? Richard Dawkins himself warns his followers that to respond even minimally is to give them credence.

    So yes, fear IS an operative. But to get back to the original question, just what IS it that they (Dawkins et al) are afraid of?

    I’d love to discuss the topic for hours on end, but I’m a little too late. I’ll be around however, when the topics of intelligent design as a possible operative in helping to understand the meaning of life, and that would be based on both logic AND the empirical evidences that clearly abound today. Faith can come easily I feel, but not when materialist barricades exist.

    I am a skeptic by the way. Skeptical of any scientific theory that relies too much on predictions that fail over time to answer key questions, that fail to be substantiated by the data, and that for validation, rely too heavily on ‘consensus’ by its adherents.

  • Bill Pratt

    Would you mind re-posting your comment under the “What Are They So Afraid Of?” post? Somehow it ended up here in “About Us”.


  • bobo chango

    I agree. Evolution is a myth. God created everyone and everything on Earth. SuperGod created God. SuperDuperGod created SuperGod and so forth ad infinitum. Everything has its own creator. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  • Bobo,

    Your comments this evening are very thought provoking. It is obvious you spent some brain cells coming up with them! I hope you didn’t strain something. 🙂

    But seriously… what you are describing here is an infinite regress of causes. An infinite regress is impossible, because it is an actual infinite, and an actual infinite leads to logical contradictions. Try again!

    Keep up the deep thinking, and maybe eventually you will come to the truth. That is, if you allow your heart and mind to open.

    God Bless!


  • John

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  • Scott Hunter


    I thought you might find this link interesting.


    If the science behind it is accurate then it would seriously call into doubt every scientific underpinning for radio carbon dating that there is. I’m sure you realize the effect this would have upon the evolution debate.


  • Bill Pratt

    Thanks for the link. It looks like the change in decay rates is “slight,” which means the accuracy of radiocarbon dating wouldn’t change much. I suppose we need a better definition of “slight” to be sure.


  • If yuo dont wanna use the God off the “GAPS”in yuo explenations off the world and words like God Bless etc. when yuo cannot prove that god exist or blesses etc.I find a name yuo can google and it is Matt DIllahunty.Am still a atheist and agnostic about the Christian God for.ex . But Matt Dillahunty can explain the weekness etc. in the Christian faith better in the english language, i prefer to argy in swedish and Finnish.Now yuo have the change to be ornest and try if yuo faith are fairy tails etc. or not so look att videos by MATT DILLAHUNTY,Carl Sagan,Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens yuo new profets(A.gigles)Or google thouse names.Or go to yuo tube. My own argument against you faith are that for ex,. the Christian God are NOT the presupposition for everlasting Energy, natural law, cosmic cyclic and darwinian evolution or even the universe ,world or the cosmos,parallel dimensions reallitys etc.I argu that the thouse things dont need yuo God to exist and they do what they do without( yuo) God.I also argu that the highes been exist,that the foundation to the ultimate reallity etc exist and that IT Can Exist Without God! To make it simple for.ex if yuo think yuo god are more complicatedand mighty compared withsiimple energy ,explain how YUO GOD does when “he” make energy to disappear to Nothing?(EXTIRPATE IT!)If yuo find out that Yuo god cannot exterpite energy what does that say to yuo logically??1. Energy can exist without god.2.Energy dont need god.Right?3Energy are one suoce to yuo God not the opposite?!?Remember we can bouth prove that energy exist right now, by the principle to prove existence from existence, also it is logical to argu that “something”always exist somehow semewhere right ?! I also argu that that “something”dont need god!Give only one good point against that argument! Are Yuo ornest enught to go on with this argument when yuo find out in what true direction it is pointing?

  • By the way, how does yuo “Christian faith”explain why innecent people children etc. suffer and die in a tzunamy and eartquage etc?If yuo God are allmighty , the first reason, source etc. to everything Yuo god also started that Znumamy where the innecent child etc suffer and die ,right?If Yuo god love yuo and the “humanity”why did “he” allow that child to die and suffer in the tzunamy for.ex?If a” miracle”happant that god save say, one off 10 children why not all the children etc?But if i argu that yuo god dont exist and that IMPARTIAL , nonfeeling etc. natural ,forces and laws(gravitation etc.)make tzunamis etc. (automaticly)and kill the poeple , aint that a better explenation? So far!Evolution for.ex gave us brains to avoid the tzunamy, thouse who wasent smart enught because lack of information etcdied, thats the way it work i nature, right?!

  • Some foolish men still declare that a Creator made the World.The doctrine that the world was created is ill-advised,and should be rejected.If God created the world,where was “he” before creation?How could God have made the world(Universe ,Cosmos etc) without any energy and rawmaterial for.ex?If yuo say “he”made this first,and then the world, yuo are Faced with an Endless Regression!..Know that the World is Uncreated,as time itself etc. is,without beginning and end. And it is baced on the principles…-the Mahapurana Jinisena (india ,ninth centery)and A.T.D. “Cosmosson”cosmos 2010.

  • perplexed_indian

    Hi bill/darrell ,
    I am a perplexed indian from …. india obviously.Great blog you have going here.

    After hard times , I started to think more deeply about my faith and somehow veered into christian apologetics which is a whole new world for me.I work in the science field but am impressed by the philosophical treatments applied to xianity.Hope to chip in with my comments from time to time.I guess you dont get many observants of eastern christianity on your blog.
    Raised orthodox , my denomination has its roots in probably the most ancient community of christians in the world.
    Parts of our mass are actually done in syriac – a dialect of aramaic.

    Good day !

    Ak Tuoamala , you should probably find the appropriate topic posts on which you can post your objections to christianity , not the intro thread for christ’s sake haha 😉

  • lala

    Hi Bill,

    I am a 22 year old from Philippines. I have read some of your posts and few of the comments. I see that you were an LDS before. Praise God that you have been transformed to a true Christian. I have a friend of mine from Germany and we’ve been friends for almost a year. He is a very kind-hearted person. I admired his faith so much. He is very devoted… But everytime we talk about God and Jesus, I feel so guilty that I cannot confront him about his beliefs. He is a mormon by the way. Yes, a very active member of LDS Church. I believe that prayer works… I’d like you to please help me pray for his transformation. I do not know how share to him about the truth…. PLease help me pray for him..

    May God richly bless you and your family,

  • Lala,

    I will gladly lift you and your friend up in prayer. Thank you for sharing!


  • Kyle

    Reading this blog just helps increase my faith in the L.D.S faith and my testimony in My Heavenly Farther and Jesus Christ. It’s a shame that you feel a desire to portray the church in such a negative way. The L.D.S church teaches everyone about love, friendship, charity, faith, in doing good to all people. It teaches about our Saviour and the love God has for us all. I have had many sacred experiances in the church which are so sacred and special. I have had many prayers answered directly and through the authority of the priesthood which neither you or anyone else on this blog can take away from me or rubbish. I have an absolute Testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (L.D.S gospel) is true and that it is the true and full gospel as taught by our Savior Jesus Christ, and we have a true and living prophet who is called of God and not of man leads and directs and leads us in these very turbulant times in which we live. I hope my testimony will help just one person who visits your blog, and that they can find answers to any questions that they have. There are questions on this blog that can easily be answered in the Book of Morman and Bible. I ask that you will invite the Missionaries into your homes, who will help answer your questions through the power of the Holy Ghost which confirms all truth. I leave you my testimony and say these things in and through the name of my Savior and redeemer even Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • Stephen

    Reading the comments on this blog, it is interesting that they fulfill the prophesy of Joseph Smith when he said that once one is a Latter-day Saint they leave neutral ground forever. Obviously the most bitter and angry ones against the “Mormon Church” are those of you who were once of the faith and have left it and now choose to fight against it and try to destroy it. Now that the spirit of truth no longer dwells in your hearts the spirit of contention and anger fills it instead. If you are truly as you say you are then you would not try to destroy the faith you once had. You know full well that it did not and does not lead you nor anyone else away from Christ, but helps anyone who would listen, pray and understand know Him better than in any other way. Why should we cry we have enough and tell God that He cannot speak nor reveal His will to us today? That is what you say when you refuse to believe that God can or will continue to reveal His will to His children today.
    These times are more complex and more troubled than any other time in the history of the world and there has never been a time, since Adam first set foot upon this world God gave him, when the revealed word of God was needed more than it is needed now. When men and women can read the same book and derive from it so many different and conflicting ideas on such basic principals that should guide our lives, it is obvious that we are unable to decide from ancient revealed word what God really wants us to do and how He really wants us to live our lives. If this were not so there would not be so many conflicting ideologies based upon the same material. To say that He cannot speak today and reveal His will and give us more scripture is to say that He is not the Great I AM that once did reveal His will. If He thought it important to let Israel know that they should not stew a kid in his mother’s milk, would He not let us know what He really meant by some of the words that are presently interpreted in so many different ways by men and women of good intent? Are not the problems that face us today more complex than whether we can eat a cheeseburger or not? Good men and women read the same text and from it derive many different and very divergent opinions on what constitutes the truth of religion, Christian faith.
    When the bible itself contradicts itself and can be used by intelligent people to prove itself as incorrect then perhaps additional word of God might be of advantage to show that the contradictions are not the words of God, but the errors of men. When we say we love the word of God, why do we say that a small book of scripture is all we can take? The Samaritans will tell you that only the first 5 books of Moses are true and certainly our Jewish brothers will tell you that only the prophets up to the time of Jesus are true. The majority of Christians will tell you that only those words that were given up to the time of John’s revelation are true and our Muslim brothers will tell you that all these are true and that Mohammad was the seal of the prophets and that his work finishes it all and that he, Mohammad was the comforter promised by Jesus who would come and bring them the comfort and promises He gave them.
    Jesus Himself said that the Kingdom would be established upon the earth during the lifetime of those standing and hearing his teaching, a kingdom wherein there would be no poor among them and where all the things He talked about and taught them would be fulfilled and practiced. He was crucified and ascended into heaven and those of the early church thought that the Kingdom would come right away and many stopped doing their daily work awaiting its fulfillment which never came; and we still await its coming. Some scholars would thus question whether Jesus Himself may have been surprised by the failure of His own prophesy and that His mission was prematurely interrupted. There is however scripture that shows that His prophesy was literally fulfilled, and among the house of Israel, and in that generation, but most Christians refuse to admit it or acknowledge its fulfillment. Thus they really suggest that Jesus may have been a false prophet himself, the same thing they accuse Joseph Smith of being if one or two of his prophesies did not come to pass as we may have expected. Yet in the Book of Mormon the Kingdom of God was established and thrived for several generations just as Jesus predicted and the way He directed it. You would deny that it happened at all or that He could have pulled it off.
    So those in whom the light once burned and in whom it has become extinguished are usually the most bitter and angry as the spirit withdraws. I am sorry for you and your experience. Those of us who continue to enjoy the light and truth have no animosity toward you only regret that you no longer want to know everything that He would say nor want to hear and understand it all.
    There is no doubt that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God and that He brought the gospel to the earth and has taught it to us through the generations. That He lived for us and that He suffered for us and that He died for us that we might live again is attested to us in the scriptures of the stick of Judah and of Joseph and also given to us in modern revelation. When we say that we have enough and tell God that He should not speak to us we are being a bit proud and perhaps building our own tower of Babel wherein we would find our own way to heaven rather than His. We should be very cautious when we tell God that we have enough and that we do not any longer want to hear his word. The Spirit itself bears witness to us that Jesus is the Son of God and our Savior and Redeemer and It tells us by Its revelation, that revelation is an ongoing thing and that God the greatest of all will continue to reveal His will and mind to those who have the courage to receive and understand it. Why else would we pray and ask the Father if these things are not true if we do not expect an answer, a revelation of the Spirit that God still speaks to us? He is the great revelator of His will and He can and will reveal it to those who will listen. There is no ear so deaf as the ear that WILL not hear, nor eye so blind as the eye that WILL not see. I believe all you believe and have no problem with Christian belief that people say that by being LDS we deny. For those angry among you who deny that we have faith in our Lord and savior as the way of our salvation are themselves deceived and contracted. We enjoy the fulness of the Gospel and rejoice in the fact that what was enjoyed by the saints anciently is enjoyed by the saints today. Are we less important that they or less loved by the Father than they?

  • Josh Weeser

    Hi all,

    I was referred to this blog by Darrell. I have looked over a few of the issues/questions on the blog and look forward to weighing in a bit here and there. Currently, I am at work, so I need to run. More later…


  • Hi Bill,

    I was referred to your blog by one of your good friends, Greg Godat. He was not kidding; excellent material! It seems like you write on quite a few topics of interest to me also. Check out my blog – http://www.cltruth.com.

    I’m actually in the process of organizing a joint apologetics effort. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

    Keep up the great work!


  • Bill Pratt

    I’m so glad Greg sent you to the site. I looked at yours and it’s very impressive. I hope to see you around in the future.

    God bless,

  • yapci

    i came across with this blog by accident. I would like to know some of the false doctrines you clame the LDS teach. Just interested
    thank you

  • Greg

    Hey guys thanks for the many blogs, I have only read a fraction but have enjoyed them. I especially appreciate the many references/cites that you provide. Thanks again


  • Bill Pratt

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks so much for your encouragement!


  • Michael Crass

    I really like this site. Very informative and thought provoking. Thanks!

  • ronald nederhoed

    Thank you. Great resource, e.g., Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality, essential Christian Beliefs…

  • saint_sinner

    hello…what can you say about Jesus humanity in connection to his knowledge, freedom and sinlessness….Does he have limited knowledge when He was here on earth, limited freedom and even sinless? thank you

  • Darrell


    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Many of the doctrines that I believe are incorrect in the LDS Church I have addressed in the Mormonism section of the blog. Some examples are their views on the nature of God, the nature of man, and creation ex-nihilo. Is there a specific one you would like to discuss?


  • Ed Garnett

    What is the Eastern Church ??

  • Darrell


    The Eastern Church is also known as The Eastern Orthodox Church. It is a group of Chuches that all hold to one faith and are all in communion with the Bishop of Constantinople.

    Prior to 1054 AD, there was one Church. In 1054, the church split into two – The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Western Roman Catholic Church. The Enlightenment, Scholastic reform, and the Protestant Reformation all occurred in the west and affected the Western Roman Catholic Church. However, the Eastern Church was isolated from most of these events and has never had a reformation. It essentially retains the same doctrine and method of worship that the Church had during the earliest times in Christianity.

    If you would like to learn a little about it, I can recommend a wonderful book to you. It is titled The Orthodox Church and is written by Timothy Ware. Here is a link to the book on Amazon.


    God Bless!


  • Searsmichael9

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  • JohnnyVoxx

    You’re doing good work. God willing, one day you will come all the way home and become Catholic. God Bless.

  • Guy Mengel

    Hi Bill, Darrel;

    Greetings in Christ. I am Eastern Orthodox and struggle daily for repentance. Recently found your blog and have found it helpful. I do have a couple of things:

    1. I note that there are very few Patristic sources used. Scriptures are used liberally and that is good, but what about the Fathers?

    2. A positive Comment is that the Articles are shorter and concise.. wonderful!

    A topic of concern for me is how Christians (Including the Orthodox) view those with disabilities and mental health issues. I speak from direct experience here as I have a Very Special son (more in a bit). I have struggled with:

    a. What is the purpose of life (as you have blogged on).. and.. I still struggle with this Daily, despite knowing that God has some purpose in our going through this “veil of tears”. I have spoken with many monks, and priests about this and there are few answers. I have to field the question in my mind continually..”Why would God allow the creation of a special person like my son” I use “special person” because he is and is in direct conflict with “incompatible with life” http://bit.ly/1vqKCh2

    b. How Christians react to Special needs people.. I could elaborate but will not here.. perhaps via an email if you like

    Anyway.. Here is a very poorly written story about our Son…

    I work for the University of Virginia in IT, Security and Facilities Management. I was previously in the Semiconductor Industry as a Test Engineer for over 20 years.

    God bless.


    ps.. I would love to exchange emails

  • Hi Guy,
    Thank you for your comments. I have 2 healthy children, so I can’t say I directly know what your experience with Luke has been like.

    I’ve been reading about heaven a lot lately, and I wonder if you’ve considered what it will be like when you are reunited with Luke on the New Earth and he will be the perfect Luke that has been hidden from you so far (and he will get to meet the perfect Dad he never knew either). How awesome is that going to be.

    You ask why God would allow a child like Luke to be created, and I think the answer is that there is no disability, no birth defect, no imperfection, that can’t occur after the Fall. Every day I learn about new diseases or genetic disorders that I’ve never heard of before.

    All of it is allowed because of sin. Easy for me to say because my children are healthy. Nevertheless, all of us suffer from sin and evil in this life, and at the end of the day, it seems pointless to wonder why our particular piece of suffering might be allowed. You can always find someone else who is suffering more than you.

    All different kinds of suffering are allowed, and our only answer is that God thought all of this suffering was worth it so that we (including Luke) could experience eternal bliss with Him on the New Earth together.

  • D.K.

    I am all about “intellectually defending”, but how could I explain intellectually the reason God put the tree of knowledge in the middle of such perfect creation. What is the reason or purpose for the tree of knowledge? I could probably find a use for the tree of life, but why the tree of knowledge?

  • darrellboan


    Some Church Fathers believed that God intended man to “eventually” eat from the Tree of Knowledge when they were prepared and ready to handle it, for in doing so, man could grow in knowledge and unity of God. In this understanding, man’s sin was in “jumping the gun” so to speak. Man ate of the Tree of Knowledge against God’s direction BEFORE they were ready to handle it, and in doing so brought corruption upon the human nature.

  • nivchek

    What a journey to Orthodoxy, Darrell! Glory to God! I’m assuming you have heard the wonderful AFR podcast episode on Ancient Faith Today about ex-Mormons who have converted to Orthodoxy? I’ll leave it to you to dig it up if you want to hear it, but it’s a good one! Thank you for your atonement post.

  • Tom Torbeyns

    I like your story and your writings! 🙂 Hope to find a lot good info on this website (yes I’m sure will disagree on certain things but who cares 😛 😀 )

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