Why Does God Not Give Justice to the Wicked?

Some wicked people do receive justice while they live. Think of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, as recent examples. They both were forced into hiding and died violent deaths. However, Job is correct that many sinful people seem to live a perfectly comfortable life and die peacefully.

If you are an atheist, the fact that evil people never face justice is a real problem for your worldview. Once a person dies, after all, there is no further chance for justice to be done. If you are a Christian, though, there is an afterlife and God promises that justice will be done.

So it is only in the Christian worldview that justice is guaranteed to be done for both the wicked and the righteous. God promises that each person will face the judgment seat and their thoughts and actions will be assessed by the Almighty Himself.   Whether a person receives justice during his earthly existence is, therefore, not the end of the story.

  • Bryan Lewis

    The Christian world view has even less a guarantee of Justice than a secular one. Any rapist or pedophile or murderer can accept Jesus on his deathbed and spend eternity in heaven…with their victims. (Not sure how this could be ‘heaven’ for them.)

    In a secular system, they get punished, regardless.

  • Joshua Lowry

    Bryan you beat me to it. Any of those you mentioned can turn to the christian god and really, really mean it, and POOF, you get to go to heaven. Granted, god may have sent the child raped and murdered to hell to burn for all eternity, but that’s cool.