#9 Post of 2014 – Why Did God Create Adam and Eve if He Knew They Would Sin?

Post Author: Bill Pratt 

Some people wonder why God created human beings if he knew we would reject him and bring sin into the world.

The answer seems to be that God desired to have a relationship with creatures that would freely love him.  Only creatures with a moral conscience and an ability to freely make moral choices could have authentic relationships with God.  Rocks can’t love God, and neither can squirrels.

Unfortunately, it may be actually impossible for God to create free creatures like ourselves and not have some of them choose to reject Him.  Even though God knew that some people would freely reject him, He felt it was the worth the cost to give others the chance to freely love him.  This world is better than a world full of inanimate objects or robots who can’t freely choose.

6 thoughts on “#9 Post of 2014 – Why Did God Create Adam and Eve if He Knew They Would Sin?”

  1. dude before reading what bill pratt sed I thought… who sed GOD doesn’t desire us to freely choose him… then he sed exactly that, GOD knows what would bring us utmost pure joy and that is HIM, im thankful that I got to choose Jesus on this side of heaven both for being with Him and also having life forever I mean its the hope of GLORY, this night just ask heaven to show you JEsus in a real way, ask GOD to reveal to your heart in a father/son relationship that is the way he related his love for me! Daniel

  2. “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” (Rev 4:11)

    God is sovereign. No no dictates Him what He should do. When God created man, He created “all things” for His own pleasure; even human beings.

    The question why God created man if God knew man will sin… well, I would say why not?

    I am a father; I and my wife chose to give birth to two children, knowing that they will die one day and will bring sorrow and grief to people around, then why did we still choose to give birth? Our own pleasure of having someone of our own with whom we could share our live, love etc. Well, that sums up why God should create man though He knew man would sin.

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