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  1. I still don’t get it, how can a compassionate God demand his son be killed in order to save us? When God created the world he just spoke and it was so…if that’s how powerful he is…why all the demand for sacrifice? God should have no need for sacrifice if he is all perfect? Why all the animal slaughterings, why the slaughtering of his own son, when you can reconcile the world through one word? Surely the God of the bible could have created another way to rightly order his creation to him… surely a God of compassion and love could have found..well.. a much more compassionate and loving way that does not demand all this brutality?

  2. Yes I did, and I do not feel like the blog gave any reasonable response to my objections at all? The blog states that Jesus was crucified “To please His Heavenly Father; To Reconcile us to God; To create a band of Crucified Followers” I still do not see how any of this relates to why God would demand and choose this to be the way? He Is God, he could do anything he wanted and yet he is pleased by the blood of His own son? He demands sacrifice of the very animals he created – what’s the point of that? If he is perfect and has no need of us then why does he need us to offer bloody sacrifices to please him? If God just spoke and he created the world through his speech surely he could just speak and reconcile the world to him through any other action that having to be brutally crucified and have his followers be put through the same – why would a loving and compassionate God be pleased by all this suffering and sacrifice? Where is the love and compassion? Anyone could think of a more loving and compassionate way than all the brutality he has CHOSEN.

  3. David,

    God did not choose for mankind to be sinful. He created a perfect world and created man to be perfect. In that creation he also perfectly allowed man free will. Unfortunately, Adam used his free will to sin against God (or break His commands) and in doing so seperated all mankind from God. However, God being of infinite wisdom had already ordained His son to be the redeemer for mankind and be the ultimate and last blood sacrifice.

    The question anyone should be asking is why given His forknowledge did He ever create man in the first place and why would he allow His son to be sacrificed when it should be us hanging on the cross? The answer is He loves us and desires us to have a lasting relationship with Him. You asked where God’s love and compassion is, it was there on the cross when he died for my sin and paid the debt that I owe and can never repay.

  4. Hi Ggodat

    I still don’t understand why god, with his foreknowledge of what was going to happen with man sinning, decided that the solution was to offer up sacrifices to him. God is perfect, needs nothing, why the demand for bloody animal sacrifices of the old Testament? Why the sacrifice of his own son? If God just speaks when he creates the world, why can’t he just speak and let our sins be forgiven? Or decide on another way… why all this horrific slaughtering? All this blood and sacrifice is not the most ideal way of demonstrating love and compassion

  5. Let me ask you this, if someone were texting while driving and accidentally killed a child in the street, what in your opinion would be a just way to deal with the situation? Would it be to tell the driver, “don’t worry, we don’t hold you responsible for your actions”? Even though the family of the child could forgive the driver they would still want some form of justice.

    God is completely holy and requires the same justice. Why did he require animal sacrifice? I don’t know but Hebrews 9:22 states that there is no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood. God provided animal hides for Adam and Eve when they were kicked out of the garden; Able offered animal sacrifices to God as did Noah. This continued when God laid out the stipulations for worship to Moses and Aaron. All of these sacrifices were a foreshadowing of Jesus and the final blood sacrifice that he would make of himself. You have to remember two very important things:

    1. Animals are not as important as humans. They were created for man to rule over and Christ told peter that all animals were good for eating. This does not mean we can abuse them but the responsible killing of an animal for food/shelter/clothing is not the same as taking a human life.

    2. Jesus ALLOWED himself to be sacrificed. He had a choice. He asked God to “take this cup from me” but then immediately said “thy will not my will”. Jesus could have summoned legions of angels to lay waste to his Roman murders but stayed obedient to God the father knowing that the only way we would ever be reconciled to God would be thru His blood (death) and resurrection.

    People always forget that God should have just left us all in our sin to die and be eternally separated from him but out of infinite love he offered himself as the sacrifice to atone for our sins. Again I say that the love and compassion you are looking for, God poured those out on humanity at the cross because we are the ones that deserved death but he loved us so much that he provided a way sparing us the torture and now sees us as righteous (for those that have accepted Jesus as their personal savior) because of the blood of Christ spilt at Calvary.

  6. The god of christianity would demand that in addition to killing the child, a few animal sacrifices would need to be made in order to atone for the murderer’s sins… so the solution to bloodshed is… more bloodshed?? You can’t even explain why animal sacrifices and yet it is that which the entire Christian religion is built upon… Why would a loving God demand justice through the slaughtering of innocent animals? Why would a loving god create animals that did nothing wrong, (I still don’t get how a loving God creates animals that cannot sin and yet they still feel pain and have to eat each other to survive and then say that is how god created the most loving system and “it was good” ) and then demand that they are killed and offered to him.. whats the point of usless wrotten flesh that isn’t even eaten? god is perfect, needs nothing.. how do animal sacrifices seriously please him and make the act of sinning justifiable and set the sinner back into the right order with God when the atonement is more killing… not even that, even when Jesus was born his parents had to go offer animal sacrifices of two doves… this is madness.. the work of bloodthirsty, prehistoric, ancient supersticious people… I cannot understand how a loving God would create and do all of this to please himself.. Jesus dying for us – I agree, is a selfless act of perfect love, but I cannot understand why it was demanded in the first place and why the entire world is created upon this disgusting system of more blood to atone for sins

  7. I agree with Ggodat. He is right about everything. God must just like causing pain and must find sweet the smell of burning animals and it’s not for us to question His divine tortures.

  8. In God’s omniscience, he knows it is better to give free will to creatures, including Satan, and allow them to use that free will, then to create a world where there are no creatures with free will. A world of automatons is inferior to a world where Satan freely chooses to deceive mankind.

  9. Bill,

    All your answers are not ‘rational explanation’ but ‘theological
    reasoning’ in accordance with your faith and belief which is unacceptable to the one who gave this question – Why did Jesus have to die in order to forgive your sins.

    Can you show to us – rationally and logically- the relationship of
    your sins to the death of Jesus Christ more or less 2000 years ago?

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