Former Atheist and Dawkins Follower Becomes Christian – #8 Post of 2011

Post Author: Bill Pratt

Former atheist Richard Morgan describes his journey to Christianity in a fascinating article at The Christian Post.  Morgan participated heavily in the Richard Dawkins website forums, but what he found there turned him away from atheism to Christianity.

Here is an excerpt:

More than the religious debate, it was his interest in evolution that led him to follow Richard Dawkins. Upon finding the author’s actual website, Morgan was excited to communicate with scientists and philosophers who could offer more insight into evolution.

But rather than discussing the nature of evolution in the “oasis of clear thinking,” Morgan was horrified to discover in his first forum that more than half of the people devoted their time saying rude things about believers using extremely foul language.

Eventually Morgan witnessed a Scottish pastor, David Robertson, being attacked and abused constantly on the forum.

“I don’t know how many hours he must have spent just replying very calmly and politely to people who were sending out the most vilest insults and criticisms,” Morgan recalled. “He just kept coming back and occasionally with a few words of Scripture thrown into his general discourse.”

Please go read the article to find out what happened next…..

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  1. Bill,

    I’ve seen this kind of abuse before on a lot of forums and would agree with Morgan’s assessment:

    Excerpt from

    It was then that Morgan realized he did not want to be a part of these people. “I’m not condemning all atheists,” he clarified in the interview. “I’m talking about anonymous atheists on internet discussion boards and the messages they express which are extremely negative, puerile, [and] full of hate…”

    I’ve encountered plenty of this type of vitriol on the discussion forums and chat programs that I use coming from both christians and atheists. Unfortunately, I think this type of abuse is nearly unstoppable unless someone constantly monitors all communications, which is nearly impossible when you have thousands of posts coming in daily.

    Personally, I ignore the personal attacks, admonish those that do it to others, and look for forums where I can debate calmly and rationally.

    Excerpt from

    In response to Morgan’s post, Robertson, the “resident fruitcake” at the Dawkins’ forums, asked him two questions which subsequently changed his life: 1) Why don’t you believe in God? 2) What could make you believe in God?

    Dismissing the first question as dumb, Robertson’s initial reaction to the second question was “certainly not proof and evidence.”

    At that moment, Morgan’s instinctive response conjured up to his memory, probably from his previous Mormon days, the verse, “We love because he first loved us.” And in that instant, Morgan understood the expression “amazing grace.”

    “I was certain without having any rational explanation that God existed, that he loved me without waiting for me to love him, that he loved me unconditionally without waiting for me to deserve it.”

    To me this is not a rational answer to either question. I think the first question has merit and should not be dismissed as “dumb”. To answer the second question with “certainly not proof and evidence” seems a bit illogical to me as well, but fits with the definition of faith.

    In the end, it would seem that Morgan converted to Christianity because he found a social group that would accept him and that he found acceptable.

  2. As coincidence would have it, I interacted with Richard Morgan at the premier radio forums shortly after his conversion. (Second conversion?).

    He was remarkably indistinct about any intellectual reasoning for accepting Christianity, rather he insisted (like this article touched upon) having had a “Damascus Road” experience where he experienced God’s love. Did not seem very well-informed for the intellectual reasoning behind Christianity.

    Its fine that Richard Morgan converted to Christianity because of an emotional experience—what I find interesting is how many Christians find an equal transformation to non-theistic belief to be either 1) disingenuous or 2) illegitimate.

    In other words, if an atheist converts to Christianity (like Richard Morgan) because of an emotional reaction that is A-OK; but if a Christian deconverts because of emotional trauma or church abuse, that is not a “genuine” or “legitimate” reason to deconvert.

    Very double-standard.

  3. Dagoods,
    Every conversion or de-conversion involves emotion, will, and intellect. There are no conversions which are purely intellectual – Spock only exists in Star Trek.

  4. Wonderful story. I listened to the whole interview and cried…my son is an atheist, but I continuously pray for his salvation through a miracle like this.

  5. I ponder whether Darwin could be saved. This is my reasoning:
    Darwin believes the so-called God, did not involve in the direct creation of human beings but through evolution from apes and did not believe that God has created this earth within 6 days. What if God did create this earth within 6 days and that He did create human beings within 6 days, their salvation is in question. This is due to their belief in the so-called, God, is entirely different from what God should be and what He should have done. What if our God would ignore him, he could not be saved.
    Jesus is God and the Son of God. As Jesus is God, the act in falsifying that God is not the One that created human beings directly but through evolution and to falsify God that He did not spend 6 days to create this earth is simply the act of falsifying what Jesus should be since He is God too. Jesus has turned up to be not the One that has created the earth within 6 days and He did not create human beings directly but through evolution. If Jesus would ignore his salvation due to the so-called, Jesus, that he believes in is not what He should be and should have done, he would turn up to have missed the salvation and be not saved.
    This is the same as muslims. Muslims believe in Jesus but they do not believe he is God and did resurrect from the cross of calvary. Their belief would not save them.
    In time to come, if you could not locate Charles Darwin in heaven after the rapture, you should know where he should be. Never mind! Let him be what he should be since we could not turn back the time to save him.

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