• Anonymous

    Hahahaha!! I literally laughed out loud when I saw this post in my feed. I assume this was a “tough question” ironically…?

    Sure, if you believe your life is only worth living because of Jesus, you may as well thank him today (and, presumably, every day). But if you’re enjoying a meal prepared by someone you care about, thank them for their hard work. Thank the grocery store employees and the farmers who worked to bring that food to you. Thank your family members for being kind and loving (assuming that they are).

    Whether you should thank Jesus on Thanksgiving just collapses to the entire “is Christianity true?” debate. Either way, though, I’m pretty sure that the Psalmist wasn’t actually thinking of the American holiday established in the 17th century, or 1941 (depending on your definition of “established”).

  • Todd

    While I’m sure we disagree on who to thank for a life of abundance, I’m glad there is a holiday to be with family and reflect on our fortune. Happy Thanksgiving Bill.

  • Thank you, Todd. Happy Thanksgiving a day late to you as well!