Apostle Philip’s Tomb Found

Post Author: Bill Pratt

The Bible History Daily website announced in July 2011 that archaeologists had discovered the Apostle Philip’s tomb.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

Italian archaeologists working at the site of Hierapolis in southwestern Turkey believe they have discovered the tomb of St. Philip, one of Jesus’ 12 apostles. According to excavator Francesco D’Andria, Philip’s tomb has traditionally been associated with the martyrium church built at the site,* though no evidence of the ancient burial was ever found. Last month, however, D’Andria and his team located a smaller church less than 150 feet away from the martyrium that appears to contain the grave of the apostle.

Please go the Bible History Daily for the complete article.

  • I can’t find any particular reason why they think this is Philip the Disciple’s tomb. (Note, Ben Witherington III apparently believes it would be Philip the Evangelists’ tomb, if any particular Philip, based on Papias.) Other than location, which is established by fairly sketchy (and contradictory) tradition.

    Interesting to see what they will find within.