Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus

Post Author: Bill Pratt

This post is definitely off the beaten path for us, but I was forwarded a video link by a friend of mine recently, and when I watched it, it really moved me.  I don’t get moved very easily (just ask my wife), so I figured this video might be worth sharing with my TQA audience.

All you need to know before watching the video is that Steve Harvey is a famous comedian and actor.  Why he decided to include this material at the end of one of his comedy routines, I don’t know, but it seems very sincere as you’ll see in the video.  Take a look.

  • David Cobb


    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog posts and related commentary. For some time now, I have unfortunately been spending my precious “blogging time” on Baptistboard. But I am growing weary of the relentless “reformed” influence and at times down right theological snobbery banted forth by many on that board. Hopefully, I can pull myself away and spend my precious blogging and learning time here on your site. Mercy, peace and love in abundance.

  • Bill Pratt

    Glad to have you back!