Christians on Cyprus Strive to Keep Jesus’ Language Alive

Post Author: Bill Pratt

I ran across a fascinating article about a small group of Christians who have preserved the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke.

Here is a an excerpt:

The Aramaic language of the earliest Christians lives on in the church services of a tiny village on the Turkish Cypriot side of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, where a hybrid dialect of Aramaic is commonly spoken by just 1,000 people who are striving to keep it alive.

The language is dying out, but the Maronites in Cyprus are trying to prevent it from being completely lost.  I’m certainly rooting them on, as it would be a tragic loss if they failed.

  • Alan George

    Hi there Bill,

    If you are looking for the preservation of the Aramaic language that Christ spoke, look no further than the Assyrian Church of the East, we have preserved it for 2000 years and there are a few million of us scattered around the world (another Biblical prophesy come true).