Mormon Challenge

Post Author:  Darrell

Brigham City, Utah’s Living Hope Ministries has produced several great videos on Mormonism, including DNA vs. The Book of Mormon and The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon.  If you are looking for some material to share with an LDS neighbor or friend, I would highly recommend both of these videos. 

Thanks to a post on Jessica’s blog, I recently discovered that Living Hope is in the final stages of completing their newest video:  The Bible vs. Joseph Smith.  I can’t wait to see their fine work on this one.  Here is a link to their website and a clip from the video.  Check it out!


One thought on “Mormon Challenge”

  1. Thanks for the link Darrell, it was very informative! I am a Pastor in northern NC and the Mormon temple there is planning a “one day of service” where they want all types of churches to join together to help in the community. They had mentioned a mercy/word type ministry and they have been defending themselves to people in our area as being truly Christian. I have real problems linking together with them, not on the mercy ministry side, but definitely on the word end. They have dupped many into believing that we all believe about the same thing! This video will help me get something to our church that will aid is dispelling those falsehoods. Thanks for your post.

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