Brit Hume, Christianity, and Tiger Woods

Post Author: Bill Pratt

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about Brit Hume’s comments regarding Tiger Woods.  After listening to what he said, I had a hard time understanding the hysteria.

One person told me that Christians ought not be putting down other religions in order to gain converts (Hume mentions that Buddhism does not offer what Woods needs).  We should just emphasize our own strengths.  I can see his point, but at the same time Christians do need to contrast our beliefs with others.  If our views on God, sin, salvation, and the afterlife are correct, and they contradict what other religions teach, we have to talk about those differences.  After all, eternal destiny is at stake.

It seems that Americans have become very uncomfortable talking about religious differences, scared a fist fight will break out if the topic comes up.  We have to get over this fear of discussing religion and learn how to have these conversations without personally attacking each other.  That’s one of the goals we have for this blog; we strive to avoid personally attacking anybody, although we could always do better.

In any case, you can see Hume’s comments below.  Also be sure to check out this article written by Carl Cannon, defending Hume.  It’s well done.  After seeing the video for yourself, what do you think?  Did Hume cross a line?

  • Just an encouragement for those reading to make sure to read the linked article by Cannon. It is not so much a defense of Hume, as also a bio of sorts, mentioning especially the suicide of his son and how that changed Hume’s life as respects Chrisitianity. The one thing missing from the article is that Hume has publically stated that faith and family are the primary reasons he retired last year from Fox (though he makes occasional guest appearances). Faith in the sense that he wanted to focus more time and energy there, than in a newsroom (not that Chrisitianity is incompatible with working in a newsroom).

    Especially if you oppose Hume as to Woods – read the link too.

  • kay

    No, Brit did not cross the line. I was proud of him for being brave enough to do on national tv what most of us won’t do one on one. I have said for years now that we need to discuss our beliefs. Usually the other person is not interested as they believe they are correct and no point in discussing it. But, look at the mess this world is now in because Christians stayed silent.