Why Do Civilizations Care about Marriage?

Post Author: Bill Pratt

The ultimate reason that virtually every civilization since the dawn of man has recognized and promoted marriage between a man and a woman is because this is the one natural union that produces children.  Yes, marriage is about procreation and every civilization needs to produce children to survive and thrive.  Without children, which are produced between the sexual union of a man and woman, every nation, state, and civilization dies.  It is, therefore, supremely important to protect and promote the institution of marriage.

But there are also other reasons.  In addition to procreation, marriage between a man and woman is the best environment to raise children.  It always has been and it always will be.  Biology cannot be overruled.  Children must be raised and families with a married mother and father are the best means by which they are raised, so it is in the state’s interest to promote marriage as the best way for children to be looked after and guided toward productive adulthood.

In addition, marriage civilizes men.  Married men are more productive and well-behaved members of a society.  Single men tend to cause far more trouble for a society, so marriage is a great vehicle for the domestication of men.

Marriage protects women.  Mothers who are married are far less likely to experience violence of any kind than single mothers.  They are also protected financially if they raise their children and forgo a career outside the home if they are married to a committed husband.

These are some of the reasons why human societies have always recognized marriage between a man and a woman and why they have promoted and celebrated this institution.  These reasons are not only backed by traditional wisdom and common sense, but by empirical research.

Like it or not, healthy marriages between men and women are the bedrock of any society, so think carefully about tampering with the definition and purpose of marriage.  Think carefully about weakening this institution in any way.  If you do, you will severely degrade our national immune system.

5 thoughts on “Why Do Civilizations Care about Marriage?”

  1. Because our society solely consists of children with happily married parents. With the high divorce rate straight couples take it for granted, couples getting married on a drunken excursion and people who have been married and divorced multiple times. Children require a father and a mother to function? Then what about all the single parents out there who are either divorced or widowed. No one has any right to tell someone else how to think or who to love, how would you feel if it society thought being heterosexual was wrong? Not being able to be with your partner because of gender.

  2. Anon,
    Please look at what you’ve written. It is self-refuting. You said, “No one has any right to tell someone else how to think or who to love, how would you feel if it society thought being heterosexual was wrong?”

    If nobody has the right to tell someone else how to think, then what exactly are you doing in your blog comment?? I’m pretty sure you’re telling me how to think! Is it OK for you to push your views on me, but not OK for me to push my views on you? What kind of strange double standard do we have going on here?

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