Interesting Comment This Morning

I attend a Referral Network group every Tuesday morning and this morning a local Chiropractor gave a short presentation on her business.  This wonderful lady (who is a great Chiropractor by the way!!) made a few comments which amused me – in a good way. When talking about the human body she kept referring to “it’s design”.  In speaking about the kidneys, she said they are “designed” to rid the body of toxins.  She also referred to the marvel of how the body is “designed” to heal itself and warn us when something is wrong.

I always find it interesting how even in the most secular of business settings people can, perhaps unknowingly, marvel at the greatness of our Creator.  For referring to the body as something “designed” rather than “evolved” implies a Creator – if it is designed, who designed it? 

I had a huge smile on my face realizing that even without knowing it we praise our great God and Designer, Jesus Christ!!  It was a wonderful way to start off the day.


  • Or they’re used to using a particular word?

    I’ll use the word ‘design’ when talking about biology, but not because I believe in ID. Because it’s crept into the common lexicon among the laypeople.

  • I would venture to say a few (and I mean very few) people may use the word as you do. However, given the extremely small percentage of atheists in this world, I would say the better odds are when someone uses the word design, they mean design.


  • I would bet that most people use the world colloquially.

    Just like most people use the phrase “g– d–” colloquially, as they aren’t actually using the phrase to ask a deity to d– something. They’re just using the term because it’s in the vocabulary now.

  • The thing is, the majority of Americans believe in a God and do not hold to the atheistic wordview. So when they are speaking about their bodies as being designed I believe chances are the designer they are referring to is the God they believe in – whatever God that may be.

    Even if they are doing it colloquially, I still love it… because unknowingly they are praising God. I don’t expect you to agree with this but I do love it.

    I would agree with you about the swearing part… most people who do that are simply doing it out of habit and mean nothing by it.

    BTW, I bleeped out your swear words above. I know you were simply using them to communicate your message and meant no harm. No offense intended here, we just don’t allow the Lord’s name to be taken in vain on the board.

    Have a great afternoon.


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  • You’re argument is based purely on semantics.
    And it sounds rather arrogant, to say that even if the person is somehow referencing a belief in a creator, that it is necessarily the Christian creator in all cases, if that’s what you’re implying. It sounds that way.

  • Andrew Ryan

    I heard a weather man talking about what time the sun was going to ‘rise’ tomorrow morning. Does this mean that a meteorologist actually believes the sun revolves around the earth? I think it’s just a colloquial turn of phrase.

    However, I suppose someone from the Flat Earth Society might say “Even if they are doing it colloquially, I still love it… because unknowingly they are rejecting heliocentrism.”