10,000 Hits and Growing!

We just passed a major milestone in our short blogging history: 10,000 hits!

Our readership has steadily grown since we started this blog four months ago, and for that we thank God.  I know that many of you come back to the blog regularly – some daily, some weekly.  Darrell and I have been truly awestruck by the wonderful response we’ve received from all of you.

We will continue to write blog posts that we wish others had written when we were searching for answers in our lives.  We will continue to keep the posts short, and to the point.  Our goal is to pass on important information in as few words as possible.

There are many other blogs and websites out there that deal with Christian topics, but we believe none of them focus like a laser beam on giving you answers to tough questions about the Christian faith in a compact and concise form so that you learn what you need to know quickly, without having to read lengthy posts or articles.  There is, of course, a need for lengthy, detailed treatments of the issues we cover, but that is not what we do.  We will leave that to others, many who do it extremely well.

What can you do for the blog?  If you enjoy the blog, please keep coming back and commenting on blog posts.  We love feedback, even from those who disagree (those who disagree really keep us on our toes!).  Second, if you enjoy the blog, please tell people you know about the blog.  Spread the word.

If you are interested in some other stats for the blog, here are a few:

Total number of posts: 113

Total number of comments: 642

Average daily hits:  37 (in Dec 2008), 75 (in Jan 2009), 96 (in Feb 2009), 150 (in Mar 2009)

God bless all of you and thanks again for your support!

  • matt

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  • I love this blog! Congratulations on the milestone!

  • Bill Pratt

    Thanks so much. You are a good friend to us and we look forward to continuing working together in the defense of the Christian faith.