Does the Bible Teach That There Are Many Ways to Eternal Life?

I have written on this topic before, but it deserves more ink.  Sometimes another person says something so well, that I just need to get out of the way and direct our readers to them.  Greg Koukl, of Stand to Reason, does a fantastic job addressing several aspects of this question in a recent publication.  It’s a few pages long, but I plead with you to read it, as there is a lot of truth packed into it.

Bottom line:  The New Testament only teaches that Jesus is the path to salvation.  That alone should drive our evangelism.  There may be other ways to heaven, but the Bible doesn’t go there.  Instead of guessing what might be, let’s go with what we know.

If you care to, let me know what you think of what Koukl says.

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  • JPD

    Here’s a practical way that helped me: I found a sure thing: Christ’s sacrifice. I know what foods I tend to like, what music I tend to like, I have discovered all these things that work for me. I am not making light ok? But what I mean to say is I have a general idea of worldly stuff that does the job for me. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream? Absolutely. All those weird flavors, eh they give me a tummy ache more often than not. So I’ll stick with the tried and true. And Christ is more tried and more true than a Dove bar (pun intended — we’re allowed to be silly sometimes right?) This really great Guy, this Jesus fellow, He has never let me down. He has the keys, He knows how I work, He absolutely 100% gets the job done, He is 100% absolutely trustworthy. I’ll take the 100% over the 99.999999% any day. Because the other thing about me that I am 100% sure of is, if there’s a way to mess it up or miss it or if there is a crack I can fall through or any possible way to break it, I will find it, I will break it, I will lose it, I will mess it up. I’m kind of a doofus because it’s just so easy to rely on Jesus and give up and give in and “repent” and receive and trust in the only Person I know who can do it, rather than trust myself. Yet I still struggle daily with all these dumb questions and moot points: Am I saved? Am I missing something? My love is not pure, my love won’t be pure — I promise you that, not in this life. My intentions and motivations will never be 100% honest. I am especially good at second guessing myself and also equally good at justifying anything if I want it bad enough. So I’m never ever going to be 100%. I can’t depend on myself for my salvation, I can’t depend on myself to keep my salvation — I’m always going to fall. In a sense, I am always in a sort of way, “falling away” from Christ. So far no matter where I turn, He’s right in front of me. He needs to hit me in the head with a hammer so I’ll give up on this charade and just do what He says as best I can and let Him do the rest. The rest actually is 99.999999% of the job, the nines approaching infinity. And the tiny little speck I do is because He planted that seed in me. Good news for me — He allowed me to repent just a little more today. I want to but I can’t seem to make it stick. Today it stuck some. So, to sum up (apologies for being a wind bag — I’m sure He’d like me to say “OK Lord” and shut up a lot more often than I do, not because He’s God but because maybe even God gets impatient with my circular self doubting) so to sum up — I have found a sure thing, and this Sure Thing is the only sure thing I have come across in this life. And I really like Jesus for it, and I love Him too. I want to love Him more. So pray for me (to Love more, and maybe to talk less).