Are There Bad Apologetics Arguments?

Yes, there are, and C. Michael Patton points out a few on his latest blog post, 14 Examples of Really Bad Apologetics.  His conclusion is that the evidence for the resurrection is the most important apologetic argument, and I agree that the evidence for the resurrection is very strong.  However, I think there are many other apologetic arguments (e.g., having to do with the existence of God) that are also powerful.  Hopefully you will see some of them here!

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  • What “strong evidence” of a resurrection are you referring to? I’ve known lots of ideas and concepts that have been resurrected, but not people!

  • Bill Pratt

    Good question. I will post on the historical evidence for the resurrection in the future. It is very strong, indeed. Sorry I don’t have time to flesh out this issue just yet, but I will add that the historical evidence I discovered about the resurrection is so strong, that whenever I have doubts about my faith, the resurrection evidence is often the first thing I fall back on.

  • Nightvid Cole

    Not strong enough. See my YouTube video “Jesus’s Resurrection Debunked!”