Seventh Grader Understands More About Abortion Debate Than Most Adults

You will not believe how well this seventh grader defends the pro-life position.  Her speech is truly amazing.  For those of you who are pro-life and have trouble articulating your position, you could learn a lot from this child.

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  • Carlos

    I marvel at this young girl’s courage and wisdom, she tackles this difficult question in a clear and methodical way. I mean to say she has courage because what she is saying is against our “we have the right to do anything we want as long as it legal, or should be legal” mindset. I have read a response on “YouTube” who claims she’s a propaganda device from a “group” I believe to be a wrong assumption since a 12 year old is very capable of independent thought and can have a sense of fairness and of right and wrong. When the question of a woman becoming pregnant as a result of a horrible wrong arises, consider this possible scenario, the young woman realizes that though she became pregnant as a result of horrible wrong, the child she carries is an innocent life and so she carries and gives birth to the child and then gives the child up for adoption. Years latter when the child reaches adulthood and seeks its’ mother and discovers the reason why she gave up him/her and what conditions led to the child’s conception, I believe the that person would say, “Thank you mother for giving me life, and not destroying because of how I came to be.” I am sure somewhere in the Halls of Heaven, God will record and honor this great act of love.