What Is the Key Question In the Abortion Debate?

Please read this blog post by Brett Kunkle.  He is one of the clearest thinkers on the abortion issue you will ever read.  He boils the issue down to one question about the fetus: what is it?  If the fetus is a human being, you cannot kill it.  If it is not a human being, then a lot of options open up for how we might deal with a fetus.

  • It’s an interesting post. Myself, I see a need for more talk about and commitment to providing alternatives to abortion.

  • Bill Pratt

    In our city, there is a pregnancy care center that provides excellent counseling and information to women who are considering abortion. My wife and I have had the pleasure of helping them over the last several years. I wish there were more organizations like theirs.

  • Wes

    This question points out why I think people will look back on this question in 100 years the same way we look back at the era of slavery now. Many slave owners (I think) thought that blacks were not human, which allowed them to treat their black slaves horribly, even kill them, and rationalize the treatment in their minds. For someone to justify abortion, they have to dehumanize the unborn child. I think that must be why most pro-choice arguments shift focus away from when life begins. If you start thinking of a fetus as being alive, it gets much harder to make any sane pro-choice argument.

  • Wintery Knight

    Triablog had a pretty good post up on how to respond to Judith Jarvis Thomson’s “violoinist” argument. She concedes the full humanity of the unborn, and proceeds to argue that abortion is still justifiable.

    His post is here

  • Abortion is wrong but i believe a woman should have a choice, you don’t know what her circumstance might be having the baby might cause her life.The Lord could always bless her with another one when conditions are better.Everybody has a choice in everything they do Jesus will not make you choose Him it’s your choice,in Joshua 24:15 the word says choose you this day whom you will serve.There is also a hell you can choose to go there if you want.Life is full of choices and decisions.