From Islam to Christianity

I just saw a fascinating documentary on Fox, called Escape from Hamas,  about an up-and-coming leader of Hamas becoming disillusioned with the teachings of Hamas and radical Islam.  The documentary tells how he, Mosab Hassan, converted to Christianity and is now living in America and hoping to spread the word about the extremism within Hamas and radical Islam, and the hope that he found in Christ.  It is a riveting documentary that you don’t want to miss.

Fox plans on showing it several more times today and tomorrow, so set your DVR to record it.

  • Thank you for reminding me about this news story and about the encore showing of it tonight on Fox News. I am going to go and watch the 9pm showing now. What better example of the forgiveness we were given for our sins by God through Jesus. We see in the life of Yousef a man that dedicated his life to killing others, believing that he was doing so in Gods name. Through his dedication, he obtained a position of authority in Hamas and fought in the streets against Israel. Yet, when given the opportunity to read the bible, to reflect on his life, and to see the truth of the Word of God, he was able to reject his past life and be reborn. I pray that this message will be received by all of America and that they will see that we all must dedicate our lives to the Word of God. It is easy to see the need for God in a country where violence is constant; however, here in America, there are just as many non-believers that need to look at their lives and reflect on what they believe and question the choices they are making.
    God Bless.

  • somaye dalvand