Do Intelligent Design Theorists Really Use the Scientific Method?

A common criticism of ID is that its proponents are not interested in the scientific method and, in fact, are setting out to hinder science and the scientific method by answering “God” whenever a tough scientific problem surfaces.

This criticism, however, is false. Read this  brief article written by an ID proponent to see that they do indeed use the scientific method, just like any other scientist would.

  • Sarah Donlevy

    Casey Lukin is the clown prince of the ID crowd.
    By the way we’re still waitng for Luskin and his fellow IDiots to win the Nobel prize by showing that life is designed. If it is then the designer really is incompetent. The vagus nerve and the design of the eye are both bad design, and the vas deferens. Need I go on? ID has been demolished by science. It was always a cover for literalist creationists to try to force their dogma into the biology classroom .
    If God exists then He used evolution to create us, not ID.

  • hwc

    intelligent design (id) has been found by the courts of this country to be a religious view and not science. creationists deliberately formed id when creation ideas on science were thrown out of court. by the way, id makes no verifiable predictions and cannot be falsified; these are the two hallmarks of science. darwinian evolution does both of these quite well. all creationists would have to do is find the skeleton of a modern day animal beneath the skeletons of the dinosaur. in the furtherance of truth, i wish that id proponents would disclose id’s history, i.e. it’s direct link to failed creationist ideas and it’s losses in courts that have not appealed. is it that they do not have the faith to take their case to the supreme court? jesus said “all things what so ever you shall ask for in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”. thank you.

  • HWC,
    Pretty much everything you said in your comment is factually incorrect. You owe it to yourself to actually read at least 1 or 2 things that ID proponents have actually written instead of getting 100% of your information from anti-ID internet posts. There is no excuse for this kind of ignorance with so much information available for free.