One thought on “First Christmas”

  1. This comment is about Christmas. Christmas dates back to Babylonian/Roman Catholic practices and is to be treated as a Roman Catholic tradition and therefore not Christian. Those who believe the RC faith to be Christian are simply fooling themselves; the worship of Mary can never be followed because it takes away the truth of: faith alone, through Christ alone; by grace alone. Catholicism is the largest cult in the world and Satan’s greatest triumph.
    I am Reformed in faith and practice and refuse to celebrate this cultish tradition for that is all that it is.
    If you think otherwise you need to dig and research. A very good place to begin is to get hold of, “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop. All Christians should read this book. In it you will get the full story of how Catholicism adopted any false heathen practice in order to allow heathens into the Church.

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