Does Being a Christian Guarantee the Good Life?

I hear some Christians complain that God hasn’t blessed them even though they are praying and reading the Bible every day.  By blessing, they mean good health, financial success, job success, good relationships, and so forth.  However, when you read the entire Bible, it does not promise that your life is going to be easy if you will just do what God says.  In fact, there are numerous counter-examples.

What about Job?  He was righteous and yet God allowed Satan to virtually destroy his life.

What about Paul?  Are you more dedicated to God than Paul?  He was beaten, imprisoned, shipwrecked, and ultimately beheaded for his obedience to God.

Virtually all the Old Testament prophets were mocked and ridiculed, and many of them killed for following God’s lead.  Just read Jeremiah to see if he was living the easy life.

The truth is that God only guarantees that we will live with Him in paradise after this life.  This world is riddled with sin and evil, and God is not going to place a protective bubble around you for your whole life.  You will face hardship.

Now, if we are obedient to God in this life, then generally speaking, our lives will be better.  No doubt about that.  God keeps us from sin and sin will make our lives miserable.  So if you don’t sin, then you will generally avoid many of life’s pitfalls.  And many of us will be materially blessed, but not all of us.

There is not a direct correlation between your material blessings and your obedience to God.  I saw a TV special the other day about one high-ranking Nazi officer at Auschwitz who lived to a ripe old age before dying peacefully in the year 2000.

Good people sometimes suffer and bad people sometimes prosper.  That is not going to change until we are in heaven.

What we are called to do in this life is to trust God and obey Him in every situation.  That is the essence of loving God in this life.

  • hi,

    Can you brief about your sentence “And many of us will be materially blessed, but not all of us. ” , why do you want to add disclaimers to what you want to convey, this everyone knows and has data point some are rich and some are poor and all are not equal. so what do you want to convey. Do you want to convey God is partial. On what basis do God provide some one more or some less??? Do you have answers. Sin is a bigger discussion topic, what you call sin may not be sin to me and vice-versa, sin has so many versions, and each and every one with in himself defines according to his need and requirement and his boundary till what he could potentially stretch.

    But i believe it is written in Bible, that God knows what to give to you and what time frame. HE has a bigger picture.

    A person who has belief in God has a 3 rd party to Delegate his Worries and share his Happiness, where as the one who does not believe in God does not even have an oppurtunity to delegate and when at times things happens so worse and un-expected we are not in control of ourselves or loose confidence upon us or not have forseen such a difficulty in life we eagerly wait to share our load.

    Above all “I Love my God somuch who is with in me”

    my Prayers

  • jpratt1011

    Thanks for your comments. You said quite a bit, but I just want to address your first question. When I said that some people are materially blessed and some are not, my point was that you cannot expect to be materially blessed just because you love God and obey Him. You cannot look at a person’s material blessings and know whether their faith in God is strong or weak.

    Some of the greatest saints in the Bible were materially poor and some were materially rich. Some Christians, and perhaps members of other religions, seem to think that trusting in God in this life is a guarantee that they will be rich and healthy and generally have an easy life. I am saying that the Bible does not teach that. It’s just not in there!